My Sister

i was in my sister's room one time putting on makeup, and she comes in, pulls her pants down, and sits on the bed to pee. when she was done she pulled up her pants and gave me a hug. then i wanted to do it but instead i layed down on her bed and peed.
brittanyanno brittanyanno
22-25, F
7 Responses Nov 6, 2011

My apologies, but reading this really turns me on. May I ask if you still do this?

That good you and your sister can **** anywhere

thats just great we love to wet our bed as well! Lets all wet it together

I have wet the bed a lot i lay down and fall asleep a lot that is the way i wet most of the time <br />
but that way is fun too I hope you 2 have a lot od bedwetting fun

Sounds like you girls need a good spanking and a diaper!!


you can do it in my bed too!