Me Am Huggy!

Yes, I often like to end my messages or comments to others with, "Many hugs to you"! And I mean it too! My pal, Philip, often points that out with a, "Getting touchy, are we?" LOL! XD

I do love hugs and I don't get many of them in life. I wish for more! Especially an hug from my Momo! Whoo-hoo! It's fitting that he gave me bear hat, as I love to give "bear-hugs" too! Gasp! How did he know??? :-o

So, for today... I have my sister's dog, Frodo, a huge hug! He is highly curious as to why I have bear ears on now! And I'm skipping around the house and keep asking and referring to everything as, "The teddy wants..." And therefore, my mother and sister are looking at me like a nut, as I am dancing around. So far, my sentences have been... "The teddy bear wants coffee.", "The teddy bear wants cheese.", and "The teddy bear wants to use the computer." Right now, the teddy bear wants a hug! :-)

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Feb 21, 2009