Lites Out By Kaydeeiskute

At the start of the summer ther is lots of rainstorms.this one had thundr and litning and i love these storms,they don't scare me,haha..i scare them;).the lights went out and it was dark and it was getting hot in the house so i went to the back door and took off my shorts and tshirt and went to the backyard in my underwear.I was running and slipping on the wet grass,it was awsome..I ran around front and the road was flooding and the drains were spurting up the rainwater,so i culdnt stop myself and ran out to the road and the water was up to my knees almost.i went to the drain and the water spurted up to my butt almost and it felt realy cool..i sat down on the drain and the water was goin in my face.then i heard my dad yelling.I got up so fast my undies came off and then i fell backwards and my underwear got washed down the dad started to run out to me so i got up and ran past him naked to the backyard.i tryid to get to my room but he caught me on the steps and we were both dripping.He picked me up and brought me to the kitchen and told me its bad to go out wen its lightning out AND its not nice to go out naked..then he put me over his knee and gave me a very wet stung so much i was cryin rite away.then he just said go to yor room.i ran fast as i culd .i guess the rain gets me in trouble:(((.
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I have also got wet spanks, it h urts way more, it is like when mom use babyoil on me before spanking me

well i got into trouble for doing something like that when i was 13 i ran outside and got all soaking wet from running out in the rain. My mom was upset and spanked me i cried and cried but as soon as it was over she clean me up dried me off and then put the plastic lock thing over the door so i could not open during storms or at night which she usually puts the lock thing on the door back then things were different now i go out when the rain is sprinkling and things are fine haha. i have fun like a little kids playting out in the storms it is so fun now LOL :) :) :D