Too Much Talking Irritates Me!!

im naturally more quieter than your average person, so when i come across someone who does talk a lot, it kinda irritates me a little!! now i must say, i dont hate people that talk too much, it just irritates me, cos sometimes its like even when there is nothing to talk about, they always seem to find something to talk about, even if it is a load of rubbish!!

its just like this one guy, a few years ago, he was a student at the local college where i live, and he got brought into my work through the college for some work experience, and he used to just stand next to me in my kitchen, and just talk a load of rubbish all the time, and not only that, but when he talked, he mumbled as well, so, not only was he talking a load of rubbish, but he was mumbling too, so it got to the point where i said to myself, right, i'll just try and ignore him, and just pretend im listening to what he is saying, but that never worked either, cos it would get to a point where he would ask me a question about something, and i would just be like "oh yeah, thats great" and he was like "whats great?" and im like "excuse me" and then he would mumble the question to me, and i would be like "excuse me, what was that you asked?" lol, he was a nightmare!!! and i always remember people in my work used to laugh at me, cos i always got landed with him in the kitchen, and then one day, one of my managers "Margaret" got him for a reception shift, and i always remember every 20 minutes, she would come into the kitchen for a few minutes, and she would say "help me, help me, he's driving me nuts" cos he was constantly talking a load of rubbish to her, even when she checking people into the hotel, and even when she was on the phone lol, which is actually pretty rude, but i just couldnt stop laughing that night, cos for once someone else had to put up with what i had to put up with for about 2 weeks!!!

so that right there, is a classic example of why i get irritated by people who talk too much!!! lol
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you dont talk a load of rubbish lol!! hehe

right, I just hope you don't get to think that I talk a "load of rubbish" too, I'm scared!