I Get Jealous For The Oddest Reasons

For instance, just now.... I was browsing facebook and came across a picture that I thought was cute so I went to comment on it; but the last comment was left by one of my old friends that had moved away. He was my partner in crime and we were extremely close. Anywats he moved to her school and they became good buds and it kills me that she has the relationship with him that I once cherished.

I also get overwhelmingly jealous when I see attractive guys with not so attractive females. I can not help but comparing myself to them and getting frustrated because that hasn't happened to me.

And I hate not being the center of attention in the eyes and heart of whoever I am devoted to.

I know my insecurities are the reason I get so jealous, even over the smallest things.
It seems like everyone else gets what I want.

Yet others say they are jealous of me.... I do not get it.
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

No we were Just best friends but he has told me everything about him and I know from talking to the girl that she is pretty much oblivious as to what he been through so I can't help to think that I should be in a place in his heart forever. But because we were so young when he moved it was extremely difficult to stay in touch. And on facebook, I mean you can only get so far.<br />
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He's not that far away though but I honestly do not think he is THAT interested in reconnecting; but I am because like you said, I take close relationships quite seriously.

I am in a similar position. Are you and him just friends, or did you have feelings for him? Either way, I see you're upset that you're not his favorite. I know how hard it is to deal with..<br />
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I very much like someone who once called me his best friend. Maybe he never meant it that strongly, but I don't take that word lightly. He is with a girl, who is so similar to me it's scary. We had a bit of falling out for awhile and he doesn't even talk to me much anymore.. the pictures, the feelings of being left out.. I really sympathize with you. :/ And I'm friends with her too. I just don't have it in me to hate her, no matter how much I want to. And what really hurts is that she's jealous of me when I'm more jealous than she'll ever know..