Sometimes I don't even feel human anymore, I'm so afraid I'll turn into someone like that maniac. It'll cause a lot of damage and people won't even see it the warning signs. I hate myself for being this way.
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Its not just u who feels that way. Different ppl and situations can cause those feelings to happen but reality shortly follows again

Don't worry..jealousy is possessed by everyone..its an part of human emotions..& we all are humans...having the feeling of jealousy is okay..but the question is how much of jealousy you have it in you???

Hmmm...then it might cause problems for you as well as for others also...i think its because you always find other peoples plates more tastier then yours??? Sorry if i'm mistaken found that funny..c'mon you are a person good from the just haven't met much people who treat you in a good way..that's the thing that evolved you in the person you are now..okay..but i meant was that You usually admire what peoples life..*what things they have got..*how well they are living..*how happy they are...but never appreciated much about your own..isn't it...

Then don't mind but you've to change your thinking a little bit my friend...because if it continues then will not end well...i hope you understood what i'm trying to say...did you want suggestions from me???

See if you want to get rid of jealousy then first try to find out *whats making you jealous? *Is that worthy enough to make you extremely jealous? & once you find out whats is it then analyse is that thing that important to you like if don't have it you'll die kind of thing(i'm not sure if that's oxygen you are seeking ha.ha)..& if not then leave it..take it easy..then get over it..c'mon life is too short to waste time on things like revenge,jealousy & all..find things that makes you happy,appreciate whatever you have & work hard to earn & achieve whatever you want or whatever you want to became in your life & ignore the rest...
He that is jealous is not in love.
-Saint Augustine
Hope this might help..

You're welcome..stay blessed & stay beautiful..GBU

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