My Insecurities.

I love my boyfriend to pieces but he knows how totally insecure i am, i cant help it, yet he talks to other women about me, and obviously thats gonna make it worse, but he just gets mad if i get mad about it, but what does he expect? He talks to MY friends about me and our relationship, he talks to random women on the internet about our sex life (that one was the worst, it still kinda hurts actually) and he dreams about other women (when we argue apparently), i dont kno what to do, maybe im just being totally jelous, but that cant be normal can it? but i dont want to end it, i love him so much. CONFUSION

RachiRooPoo RachiRooPoo
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2010

jealousy is veryyy common. its a way to show that you care about him.<br />
i think that if he really likes you, he would get jealous tooo.<br />
EVERYBODY gets jealous at some point. i don't really believe the part where it says "he dreams of other women when we argue"<br />
You can't just 'decide' your dreams and he's probably trying to get you jealous since he knows your jealous. just have a talk. theres a perfect one for everybody. do you really wanna put up with him for the rest of your life when theres a million of other nice guys?