My Love Affair

I love coffee. I like to drink a k cup in the morning, sometimes two.  I get my travel mug all set up with another..... I savor my flavor of the day.  I get  slightly depressed as the class periods fly by and my coffee cup is growing lighter and lighter.  When I've tipped my head back and completely drained my cup into the back of my throat I start to think of where I might find some more. 

The coffee in the cafeteria is truly disgusting, but I will go there and gladly refill my cup if there are no other options.  Perhaps I have one of those instant Starbucks do dads.  I can't recall their names... wait... Via.  So I ravage my desk looking for one last packet.  Mocha is by far my favorite, but I'd settle for anything.  Even the dark roast which is acidic and makes me jitter.  I get a flashback from college being drunk and frantically in need of a cigarette.  I'm like a junkie needing a hit.  I can't even concentrate on the class that is coming in.... I've got to find something.... I know I had one left. 

Then I remember, over the weekend I bought a packet from six bucks because I knew this would be a stressful week.  I put on my electric kettle, I am somewhat distracted as I wait for the perfect sound of the water in the kettle...  Right before it's boiling.  I can't chance a burn on my precious tongue.  That would truly be a disaster and a shame.

The coffee is ready, I take that first sip after stirring it with the back of my paintbrush.  It's the only thing long enough to do the job.  MMMmmmmmm the coffee is scrumptious.  I am so happy to have another fine tasting cup. 

School is almost over.  Six bucks is calling my name.  I didn't eat much for lunch, and a grande soy two pump mocha with no whip sounds like ecstasy.  Yes, I must have this right now.  I drive to Six bucks and get my little taste of heaven.  But I know it won't last..... 

Maybe later I can have an espresso martini....oh how I love those.... 

Does anyone want to lick espresso out of my navel?  Or take a long draw of espresso and kiss me, filling my mouth with it? 

I just might die and go to heaven. 
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Loved reading this, especially the about that navel of yours!!

MMmmmmmm.... you just put coffee in a whole new spectrum for me

Well I might as well answer your request seeing as everyone is into coffee machine if some droplets of expresso were caught in your navel,then that'd mean that you'd been slurping on your mug but lacking what could possibly distract a young woman so early in the morning other than the sight of a muscular bald headed black window cleaner creating a transparent view for you out into the world and beyond?
He's wearing a pair of slightly tinted glasses with a blue green reflection to them,your coffee was hot when you first put it to your mouth,but now it's luke warm and dribbling down inside your skimpy nightgown and into your navel.....he's just finished and taps on the window,which startles you ouut of your daydream.....a huge warm smile melts you into the cushions of your sofa as he pops his head around the open window......."Don't mind me luv but you're spilling most of your coffee onto your very pretty tummy!" begin to stammer as the deep booming masculin voice of that black hunk ripples through your body,with a magical effect that immediately has your fresh morning ***** bubbling hot! ........what the.........your hands drop to your side,the cup bounces of the armrest and onto.....he's caught it!...;then blasts you with another smile....."I clean things,all day I clean things.....and your tummy button needs cleaning,would you like that?"....his voice has dropped down a tone and you can feel the coffee vibrating in your navel as you try again to utter some kind of audible words......his large hands unbutton your blouse and it seems as if his tongue has been wound out,a huge five inches of pink wetness darts out and begins to lap up your spilled expresso as he lifts you effortlessly towards him....your legs are like jelly and flail apart,you gasp loudly....he's licking it all up,now done he looks at you through his glasses,head glowing in the morning sun,hot breath now scorching your're losing it slowly,slipping away as a crimson veil sinks over your vision,a hot stab of accute pleasure races through your body and a warm jet of fluid splatters his face from your now uncontrollable *****,you hear someone screaming from nextdoor,but then realize that the high pitched wail is coming from your lungs,it's you that's screaming as you thrash and writhe in your sofa.........."Miss! are you okay?",says the same booming deep voice of the window awake in total embarrassement,your legs are spread wide,the sofa in soaked,your coffee has been spilt all over your gown,sunshine is blinding your vision and the ebony sculpture is approaching you with a cloth to help clean up.........more juices spurt from your glistening lotus onto his hands and fingers,you look up at him,he looks down at you...licks his middle finger loudly as if scoffing barbeque ribs.......he repeats the same phrase as he's already said earlier......the sensation of a 'Deja Vue' is ever present,you stutter,your arms fall to your side as he leans in with his enormous tongue and it all starts over again!.....and again!.....and again!....a re-occuring dream where the expresso pool in your navel is never emptied,the more he licks and slurps,the more inevitable ******* you have,the more fluids are excreted from every pore of your trembling body........and the more your navel fills with expresso.........both of you wedged in an eternal time warp of endless pleasure!

Are you sure you want someone to lick that last droplet of expresso from your navel? could trigger untold events that may change the course of your life......and never will you be the same,well,at least not when drinking your expresso every morning,performing your ritual........are you sure that what you're slurping,that white frothy substance....are you sure it's coffee?

Happy to hear that,now I'll work on a sketch to illustrate the whole scene...could it be a navel with a spoon,or a navel filled with expresso?....or both?

Ahh BANDULU, I sit with my chin in my hands and sigh...before applauding you x

Just your chin?.....maybe I should send you a instruction manual on what else to cup in your hands....nothing sticky though!!
Your comments are much appreciated.

Mwah xx

You know that I think of you when I'm know that your influence on me is deeper than you think,you know the power you have over me as I stumble backwards in awe of your two porcelaine wonders!

Hmm, just a natural poet or is that statement heartfelt B? You know I am just a little bit in awe of you?

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I am guessing a "K" cup is a mug and not a huge bra cup size. So your cup is a bladder buster?! Nice

Yes... the parody is verrrrrry clever. You is sma-h-t-t ;-)

I don't know what a k cup is... But I loved this... The subject, your writing style, and the playful way you ended it (although I'm not your target audience for espresso exchange). Really an entertaining read :)

Love my k cups too!

Love the dark roasts and the green mountain blueberry are my faves!

And your espresso idea sounds LOVELY!