I Can Live With It. . .

I was never extremely social in high school but everyone always looked at me as the cute little girlwho was extremely innocent. As i got older and started dating, the whole school seemed to care about who i was dating. My husband and i are high school sweet hearts and he used to say that we were the celebrities of that school. My friends and his friends saw me to be "out of my husband's league". And he even admitted it himself also.
Even now, his family looks at me weird when we visit for holidays. They stare at my clothes, my hair and the extremely materialistic things that they are supposed to look past. My husband changed his wardrobe after we got married and his mom looked at him one Christmas and said to him "You do not dress like that, that is not you." I dress moderate and contemporary. . .a jessica simpson dress with heels and a updo hair style. He used to dress in really graphic clothing. Now its a simple nice button up shirt and some docker pants with nice shoes. . . Clean cut, very respectful look. His family ultimately thinks that i am the devil. They will not even speak to me. . .just a blank stare is all i get. I have leanedto just accept their judgement. I do not go eith him when they have get togethers or gor the holidays. My boss told me i was hired because i look very professional. I do not see the wrong in my wardobe with his family. I do not see why a mother would want her son to dress like a "thug" and hate his wife for something that she had nothing to do with in him making such a decscision. I am fine with how i look and i am sorry that my looks go out to these people as threatful. I have the best job in the world and i am so thankful that my boss saw me as a great candidate for the job. If i did not look the way i did, that job would have been the next person he interviewed!!
CJG2014 CJG2014
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012