I Don't To Feel Lonely

The loneliness I have felt was when my husband of over 30 yrs walked out on me with no notice or reason. We had been so close and did almost everything together.  He never was away from my side for very long. My health has been bad for years now and I'm left behind because I'm to sick to go and play.  Thant's when I sometimes become lonely.  I learned to accept my circumstances for what they are and that being lonely is part of my package.  Someone always comes home at night and they'll give me attention.  When I was younger I didn't't mind at all being alone but as I have aged I have made a conscious decision that I do not want to be alone and choose to have someone in my life.  I'I've made it happen and will continue to do so. No one should sit in their **** for to long it's not healthy.  Talk to someone.  Start a new friendship. Reach out. There will be someone out there for you. I just got blessed in the last couple of days making a new friend on EP and he has just been a dream in giving me words for food for thought and has brought me out of the dark devastating emotions, feelings and thoughts I have had due to the loss of my husband. I took that first step out today and I'm much happier.  I know I'll continue to move forward to renew myself and become that wonderful positive person I once was.  She's in there. I break up my day with a little Face book which all of my family is on so that keeps me informed as to what's going on back home. Playing on my phone downloading wallpapers, play a games or two.  Watch some TV. And I end up being a Happy camper for the day.  Of course there's's my puppy who gives me undivided attention and love.  Get a pet their nothing like having that unconditional love. 
q45debra q45debra
56-60, F
Nov 30, 2012