Others And My Own

I can and have spent the whole day in a museum just looking. My favorite exhibit was the retinal delights exhibit. I got to see it a number of times at the Laguna Art Museum. When art is good I can become engrossed, and when it's bad I can still discuss it for hours. Where it went wrong, what I would change, art is always a process.

I have worked until my fingers split and my legs went numb. There have been many days where only the change in light makes me acknowledge that the day has come and gone. I have skipped meals, only ceasing my work when the project was finished. I usually work until some part of my body lets me know its sore then I push through to a stopping point, because the pain of the muse is stronger than the pain of the body. The worst frustration is having an idea and lacking the time and materials to immediately execute it.

I am my harshest critic. I might never think I'm any better than good enough, but I have this driving need to create and become better.
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I love looking at local art when I'm on my hols and often bring a painting home