I Went On Sabbatical

sorry i went on a sabbatical well I'm just gonna let it flow out of me here goes------

      I went for a walk inside myself and didn't like it one bit. so i stayed inside till it started to make sense. in all that madness was a small pearl of wisdom. so small i did not notice it at first. completely unaware of the pearl i tore in to the madness that was all around me. bloody hands and knees from praying and fighting with it day and night. lost in my work for years  and mad off the fumes. i started to consume  myself one bite at a time. starving i dug deeper into the madness, blindly following the tunnel.

    lucidly feeling down the tunnel wall  it feels almost alive, i thought to myself. down the tunnel i went, praying i didn't encounter any of Alice's' friends. who knows how long i wondered in the dark wishing for an Oreo,( hey i said i was starving remember besides their great) suddenly i found the end . scratching the walls trying to continue forward. i jump back at the pain,touching the fresh rakes across my flesh. thou not surprised i liked it a bit to much. so i sat and picked at it, determined to get thought though the pain.  to get some reason to all  of "this" i don't know any other way.


notsodeadpoet notsodeadpoet
22-25, M
Feb 22, 2009