Get Lost All The Time.

I have no sense of direction.  I got lost so often when I would go into different cities that I put GPS on my phone. Even then I would get lost, especially in Denver. It got so bad that my guy friends would just meet me at the airport and drive me around. I think the worst I got lost was when I ended up in Greeley, CO and whew you do not want to end up there. It smelled so bad that  I couldn't breathe in deep. Whew it smelled like dead animals. So if you are ever in that area get a decent guide or GPS lol.

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:) I have it on my phone.

Hehe! I have a friend that carries a card in her purse with her address on it. She hands it to the Cab driver when she is drunk. She gets home though.

ROFLMAO! I once got lost going home. But I was very stoned at the time.

LOL my phone's system gives me detours.

awww thats so not nice. <br />
<br />
i would have cried if i were u

It was not funny because it was late at night and I was so late. i was dating a guy that was stationed at Fort Stewart and I had been to Hinesville several times to see him before I lived there. I just kept right on going. I had the top down and I had left work heading there. They made fun of me all weekend long.

aww really?

I once was supposed to be in GA and missed the exit and ended up in FL. I had to backtrack.

lol omg... i get lost so easily and sadly i dont even drive :|