Most Loveing and Unique My Sisters Are

I have 3 sisters and all of them are married and happy in their homes, i stay in touch with them and it gives me happiness when i see them happy. That's the only gift i feel i have in my life that keeps me motivated and its their blessing that what i am now, I can feel when they get worried for me, ask me how i am ? when i am coming back? when i eat? when i sleep? are u feeling ok? they know what season makes me sick so they call me and ask me if i took medicine ? did i took days off from work? they care for me and i feel blessed.

So once in awhile if i get that someone treated my sisters badly i get mad even at my dad or mom... its not that my dad do anything its just in our family our cousin and uncles do somethings that hurt my sisters feelings and my dad don;t take my sisters side but he favor the uncles and it makes me mad really mad .....i won;t allow anyone to say to my sisters.


bravo1125 bravo1125
31-35, M
Mar 13, 2009