I Would Rather Die Than Have Another One .

I started having this curse in jr high school shortly after my periods started. Since then I have learned all my triggers and yet I get 4 or more a month, My Dr.s and I have tried over 15 drugs or therapies and yet they come. I have lost jobs , friends , men, time with my kids and my life as it could have been to these damn things and I swear I have thought about dying rather than live this way. The pain , the nausea , the echo of every whisper , the pain of light, the depression of having to plan every day of your life in hopes you don't trigger one and the anxiousness when you know its coming anyway. I have had them so bad that I have lost eye site , sensation , had nose bleeds , ear bleeds, passed out , and more ... this isn't life .. this is torture. No one should ever have to endure one of these . I don't hate anyone enough to ever wish this on any one . I would love to have a pain free plan free do what i want sleep when i want drink if I want go out if I want work as much as I want life not this ,
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I understand when I get mine I think I would just rather die I dont get mine as often as you maybe 2 times a month but still I understand. I go blind and numb when I get mine and I am afraid.<br />
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But you need to be strong i know its hard but we who suffer need to be strong. My heart goes out to you. and im sorry such a curse as been put on you I only hope it passes and u can reclaim your life.<br />
everyone who has them only know how much migraines can take away

Poor thing. I used to get them, fortunately not very often but I feel for you about it. They may pass. I have not had one for years now.