Yet Another

It seems like it was only days ago, I was downing migraine medication, wrapping a hot pack around my neck and lying on the bed, in the dark, with a fan blowing on my face, trying to overcome the migraine pain that was wrapped around my head like a clamp over my eye.

This morning I woke with a slight twinge over my right eye. I did my morning routine, did a few things around the house, as it was raining and I couldn't walk Kodiak. After the rain stopped, though it was muggy outside, I decided to take Kodiak for his walk.

By the time I got home, I wasn't nearly as aware of the pain in my head, so I did a few more things around the house and sat down in my recliner to jump online quick. The day passed quickly.

Around 3:30 when I needed to start dinner, I noticed a sharp stab and a squeeze over my left eye, I knew it was yet another migraine cycling through my head, I had dodged the bullet in the morning, but was getting slammed this afternoon.

I took some migraine medication, rubbed some Ben-Gay on my eyebrow and set about cooking. By the time I was ready to sit down to eat, I was so sick to my stomach I could hardly stand it.

I saw my doctor yesterday and we talked about menopause, which is slamming me like a freight train. She told me that many women either experience increased migraines or their migraines come to an end when they start this process because of the hormonal changes in their bodies. We determined that since my migraines have never appeared to be hormone related, I may actually experience an increase in them, more regular occurrences, with menopause.

She also talked to me about the stress level I've been living with lately and indicated I really need to 'declutter' my life, reduce the amount of stress I've been experiencing.

I guess I'm going to have to learn to embrace these headaches for a while, if they are going to be a recurring part of this 'change of life'. I can possibly de-stress to some degree, but since I'm currently opting not to use medications to combat the symptoms of menopause, this is the hand I've been dealt.
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Yes, being on the computer does seem to make it worse, I think it's looking into the lighted screen that does it, because migraines are typically aggravated by bright light, loud noises, becoming overheated, etc. <br />
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Reading anything is particularly difficult for me when I have a migraine. When I do use the computer during a migraine, it's usually because my need to express my feelings outweighs the hideous pain. <br />
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I wish your daughter good luck with coping with her migraines. <br />
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