Does anyone else have odd sleeping habits because of migraines?

If I get more than about 4 hours of sleep in one sitting, I wake up with a headache. Because of this, I have developed a pattern where I wake up after about 3 hours and then stay up for a while then go back to sleep. In essence, I have 3 naps instead of one big sleep. If I keep to this pattern, my headaches are greatly reduced.

On the other hand, if I have to stay up for something all day long and then sleep a "regular" night, I almost always get a headache.
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I have also noticed that i go to sleep too early, I get migraines too!

yes sometimes if i sleep to long ill get one. ill even get one if the fan i have on blows on my face to much so tired of my body being sentive to everything food ,weather, air, water,sun sents, and the list goes on

Maybe its New York?

When you live a certain way, it becomes normal and you don't see it the same way as others.

I suppose so

That sounds like a pain in the neck, quite honestly! So sorry :