I Was Afraid I Was Going to End Up a Drug Addict My Migranes Were So Bad!

Long story short after several Migrane clinics and tons of Demerol. I ran across a optomitrist who offered to put some eye drops in my eyes when i was having a migrane onset! I told him he had about 10 seconds as i knew I had to get someone to come pick me and my car up and drive me to get a shot of demerol. TRhe short version is there is a commoneye infection that will be triggered by allergens and in turn triggers Migranes. Bliphertiis is the name of the medication!  It made 90% of it go away almost instantly and he was a fellow sufferer and sent me to a Doc who prescribed a ergotimine preventive. It is a tab you put under your tongue for a year ! it keeps them from triggering and in combination with the eyemeds I am down to one or two a year from 25-30- a year. Good luck they suck!
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This is the same post I posted in another post, but seen as it was helpful to me I thought I would share with all.<br />
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I was in my thirties when I began blacking out and waking up with a migraine from hell. Stress was the greater contributor and my doctor told me to take an aspro every once in awhile. Stress restricts blood flow to the brain and apparently this can be a cause of migraines. Aspro thins the blood and if I keep taking one once in awhile, I don't have the strokes, (eshemic) or the migraines.<br />
Not all cures work for all, but if you have not tried the aspro thing, it is well worth a try to avoid those darn migraines.

A friend of mine just told me about feverfew and I will be trying it with my next migraine. He, too, swears by it!!

Wow, this is great knowledge. If you get feverfew at the health food store - it will regulate the blood pressure in your brain so you won't even have the two leftover migraines. My son takes feverfew and wouldn't be without it.