No Answers....any Suggestions

The first time i had a migraine i was in high school about 4 years ago the pain was so bad i started seeing blue flashs and kept losing conciousness for a few seconds before i came back to. I told my mother but she never believed me so finally she takes me to urgent care thinking that im faking well when we get there and i tell the doc whats going on he refuses to touch me other then give me an EKG and send me to the hospital. My mother now believing me takes me to the hospital were im put on monitors galore the pain being so bad that it put stress on my heart and caused pulpations in my heart. So more blood tests, more monitors, and more stupid scans on my body i cant even begin to tell you how long i was there before they come in and tell me i have cronic migraines but have no idea why im losing conciousness or seeing blue flashs other then maybe it triggering a slient seizure.....all those tests and they cant even being to tell me whats causing all this....over the past 4 years i graduated high school and went to college even told my roommate at the time that i have such bad migraines and what to expect she thought i was exagerating until she finds me after class covered in sweat from head to toe, on the floor,body temp super high i had spiked a fever,breathing super shallow,and in so much pain i couldnt move nor stay concious for more then a few minutes. She tryed getting the nurse but she wouldnt come i would have to go to her and that wasnt happening which she knew cause it was a sunny 12 o'clock afternoon so my roommate cussed her out and called 911. Well they get there and start going to my room which was on the top floor of a 3 story building and i had sum heavy set guys for my responders 2 anyways my roommate ran like hell as fast as she could from the other side of campus which is farely large and still got there to be by my side even before the reponders made it up the stairs. Against all protest from my scared roommate and the reponders i stayed in my room and signed a paper refusing treatment still while in and out of conciousness so what did the reponders tell my roommate to do? Stay with me all day and keep and eye on me if anything happens like my temp get worse or i stop breathing etc she is to take me to the hospital well she has a big test she cant miss so she asks a friend to watch me....needless to say they didnt and my roommate cussed her friend out saying "SHE COULD HAVE DIED AND IT WOULD BE ALL YOUR FAULT AND MINE YOU WANNA TELL HER PARENTS THAT SHE DID DIE CAUSE YOU WERE TO BUSY ON UR GAME TO WATCH HER!!!!" i could hear my roommate screaming more things but i lost conciousness after that. When i woke that night the pain was gone and so was my fever hell i was sooo hungry after that i swear i ate everything in sight
Tayuya Tayuya
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012