What Else Can I Say Besides "ugh?"

I suffered from my first migrain when I was 15 years old. That migraine lasted 5 days and was unbearable. I actually had to go to the doctor, because OTC pain meds weren't working. The doctor gave me a shot, which helped and the migraine eventually went away.

I didn't have any more migraines for a while, just normal headaches(last 1 day) every once in a while.

In Feb. 2011 I became really sick(sudden weight loss, loss of appetite, constant nausea, etc). I went to my doctor numerous times, saw specialists, and even went to the E.R. several times. I eventually went to an alternative medicine doctor who found out what was wrong with me. In May 2012, this doctor diagnosed me with Celiac Disease, several food allergies, and 3 strains of the Coxsackie B Virus.

Becoming so sick like this has caused me to get migraines at least one a month or once every two months. These migraines usually last only 2-5 days and aren't very severe.

A month ago I got my appendix removed, which cured my constant nausea(Or so I thought).

I got a migraine November 16, 2012. I started my menstrual cycle November 18, which is what I thought was causing my migraine. My period ended November 25, but my migraine still continues. I've had this migraine for about 2 weeks now.
My symptoms are:
-Pressure like someone is squeezing my head
-Throbbing pain, which sometimes turns into an ache(located in my forehead, sometimes behind my eyes)
-Sensitivity to light and loud noises
-Occasionl lightheadedness/dizziness
-Mild to sever nausea
I tried taking OTC pain meds for a few days, which didn't even phase this migraine. I went to my doctor yesterday and they gave me a shot, which helped a little. I talked to my alternative medicine doctor about this mirgraine, who prescribed Vicodin for me, because it's the only thing that doesn't make my nausea worse. The Vicodin helps reduce the severity of the migraine, but doesn't get rid of it. I have been resting in a dark and quiet room almost every day I've had this migraine, which helps a little.

My mom told me I should ask my doctor about getting a CAT Scan done, but I don't know if I should.

*Migraines Stink!*
MistyApollo MistyApollo
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012