Another One.....

Well, after a horrific car accident all the way back in 1994, I have had migraines that affect my life in some major ways.

I have been on each and every migraine med available as of today and nothing has worked!  I've even taken triple doses of Toradal injections and all that ever did was put me to sleep.

Well, wouldn't you know it...I have another one today and this will make the third one in a week...granted the others have never really gone away, but they did subside a little bit and then of course, wouldn't you know it??? Another one or actually, the same one came back strong again.

I've been through tests, plenty of i.v.'s put in my hand to try and lessen the pain with meds being pumped into me, nothing has been found out and nothing has helped!!

I've never dealt with migraines before but after my car accident in 1994, I've dealt with them this whole time.

Lucky me.

My head hurts!!!! (believe me, being on the computer isn't making me feel any better, but oh well.)

kieferluvr kieferluvr
36-40, F
May 20, 2007