I have been having migraines for about five months now. They started off every couple of days and now are every day and last all day. I have been on Imitrex, Maxalt, Lennet (sp?) and Topamax so far and all of them have made it worse. I can't sleep anymore. I was sleeping all day and night but now I'm lucky if I get a few hours in. My brain feels swollen, I can't lay on my back or right side because the pressure put on my head makes the pain 10 times worse. I can't sleep on my left side because it kills my back (I have bad scoliosis). The pain started at a 5, feeling like my head was in a vice. Now, it's off the charts, feeling like my head is caving in on itself and exploding at the same time. I feel like I'm dying. None of the medicines have helped. My doctor finally did blood work but I'm waiting for those results. I can't stop thinking of the worst. My doctor things I may have swollen blood vessels which apparently can cause me to go blind. I'm 22, I have a 2 year old son, I shouldn't be this sick. I don't know where to go, my husband doesn't want to talk about it because he's scared. But I'm the one in pain, I'm scared too. I just need someone to talk to.
Poetmom3 Poetmom3
22-25, F
Feb 2, 2013