So Tired of Looking For Answers

I'm so tired of trying to find answers for my migraines. I've tried mobic and topamax and topamax worked for a while but then just stopped working. Mobic did nothing. As I raised my doses of Topamax it made me so out of it too. Imitrex doesn't always work now when it used to and I take 100mg pills and insurance doesn't cover giving me my whole prescription at that strength because I get them like every other day. The longest I've gone without a headache is a week and that is usually when I'm on  Medrol which I take once a month and seems to be the only thing that really makes me feel good and not constantly worrying if I'm going to get a migraine. If there were surgeries I would do them in a second I wish doctors would figure out a cure sometime soon
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i get stiffness in the back of my neck an throught the shsoulders

does by chance a neckpain flare up right before or in the begining of a migraine?I started getting migarianes a few months ago,i have a messed up neck from an injury,as it turns out that pain from my neck was causing the migraine.and as i'm going through treatment and my neck is feeling better the migraines aren't as offten.I hope that my sharing of this might help one of you out.

Agreed. Migraines may not be life threatening, but it can make life horrible. It's frustrating that there is almost nothing known about them.