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as a teen i started getting headaches.  we found they were sinus/allergy related. 

when i was about 22 i started having tension headaches each and every day at work, without fail.  it wasn't long until the ocassional migraines would come into play as a result of these tension headaches and inevitably a coworker would drive me to the doctor, he'd give me a shot and then they'd drive me home.  this wasn't often - maybe 3x's a year.

about a year or two later i'd started getting these migraines that would blind me, nauseate me, make all my senses OVERLY sensitive to the furthest extreme and they'd go on and on, lasting for days at a time.  i never saught treatment ... i didn't know migraines were something people suffered from regularly and that doctor's actually specialize in such or that there were specially formulated medications for such - had no clue!  i suffered in silence.

about a year later it all stopped - no more migraines, no more tension headaches ... nothing.  there was no change in medication, no change in job, no change in life or lifestyle ... it seemed to disappear as suddenly as it came on.

it would be five years before i'd experience so much as the slightest headache.  how soon we forget the agony!  that first headache, after all that time headache free, really wasn't a bad one and it took me a few hours just to figure out what it was.  i know that sounds silly but i was on oxycontin at the time due to an accident i'd been in.  i took some ibuprofen and *poof* it was gone!  my 'tension' headaches always seemed to respond well to ibuprofen.

several weeks later it hit again and it hit HARD!  this was no ordinary headache.  i was in the grips of my first migraine in years!  luckily excedrin had come out with their migraine medication by then.  at the time i didn't have any and wasn't able to drive myself (due to the accident) but by that evening i had some delivered via a friend.  thank goodness!  it seemed to, at least, alleviate them somewhat for the following two months of migraines.

it's been 3 years since then and in the past month i've been getting migraines again.  it's taken me all month to figure out why.

i've always been a rather anxious person ... even as a small child.  i've also always been a teeth grinder in my sleep ... perhaps it's related?  nonetheless, when i'm upset, angry, stressed, in deep thought or what have you i will grit my jaws down with ferocity and not realize i'm doing it.  thus the tension headaches in the past and those that have been turning into migraines recently.  score #1!

on a side note - once i grit my teeth so hard, so regularly and for such a length of time i ended up pulling my neck and back out.  true story!  after seeing the dentist and exclaiming every tooth had a cavity and was near to falling out, he referred me to a chiropractor of which i'd have to see for months!

score #2 came when i got one the other day.  my jaw wasn't sore from gritting my teeth ... so what was it that day?  allergies were good, sinuses were not inflamed or anything ... what was different that day?  it took me until today to figure it out.  i hadn't gone to sleep until early that morning (8 a.m. ish - major insomnia) and i slept for 5 hours (not unusual.) HOWEVER!!!  what was out of the ordinary is that i'd not had as high of an intake of caffeine in the 24 hours prior to as well as skipping my daily medication (for the RSD - caused by the accident) because i woke up so late ... it was like a withdrawal migraine ... withdrawals from both caffeine and medication.

ugh!  i hate to think my body is that dependant on chemicals!  i hate to admit i have a physical addiction.  i must have or my body wouldn't react that way, right?

i've been on heavy medication since my accident - i have to be for any quality of life.  i don't want to take it, often i will skip it or forget it, run out, decide i'm going to wean myself off of it or whatever (emotional addicts don't allow themselves to run out) but i pay for it physically with much more pain - the affected extremity and now i realize i also pay for it with migraines! 

i really had hopes of getting off of some of the medications this summer while i'm feeling better during my 'good' season.  how do i get around the migraine portion of it?  i don't like the affects the drugs are having on my body (liver, kidneys, etc.) compounding that is the realization of my body depending on them. 

has anyone been through anything similar and if so, what do you recommend?  i see the doctor next week ... hopefully he'll have a plan.  there's no chance i'll do myself any good if the migraines are going to kick in.  getting off any of the medication is going to cause an increase in pain.  the point is to get off as much medication and be able to tolerate the pain and still maintain a certain quality of life.  the increased pain of the RSD (off meds) along with withdrawal migraines?.  there's no way!


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Oh my God, I just got the WORST headache reading this! Thanks a lot! :) But I know what you mean about migraines, that is some terrible pain! The last one I had was so bad I was vomiting and had to go to the emergency room. Unfortunately, I don't have insurance and I think they thought I was a drug seeker so they gave me an anti emetic but no pain meds! Then they discharged me and shoved me out the door; I was LITERALLY puking as I was walking out of the hospital doors! It's been a year since I've had one and I hope I never get another one.

yes they did the same to me too ..... when i went to the e/r had no ish

thank you, Erica. have you had your eyesight checked recently? when i was working on the computer 8-12 hrs a day i noticed i'd get headaches often ... got my eyes checked and what do ya know? i needed reading glasses special for the computer... might just do the trick for ya but i hope it's something easier and you figure it out soon... good luck

The caffeine is the real killer for triggering migraines, or at least thats how it worked for me. I took Excendrin almost every day for 2-3 weeks, then I finally went to the doctor and she told me that I should use Aleve instead because Excendrin is full of caffeine, and the headaches could be caffeine withdrawal headaches, which then trigger migraines! Unfortunately I am still getting frequent headaches, so that is not the only cause. Good luck getting rid of your migraines, you don't need any more pain!