I Hate Migraines

I too used to suffer terribly from migraines, from the age of 13/14. I had no idea what they we're, i would cry as i would not be able to see anything out of my eyes, they would go all blurry, then my mouth and hands would go numb that is what made me sick, being sick made me feel better but there was still a banging pain in my head, i had never had one of these attacks before in my life it came on all of a sudden. I was sitting in my class and i was finding it hard to write as my words we're all over the page!

People never believed me they just thought i was faking to get out of school but until you have experienced a migrain then you will never understand. Once over the xmas period i was off school for a whole week, i had at least a migraine a day and i was so drained i couldnt do anything. i went to the doctors and he perscribed me with tablets...they didnt even work, then he advised me to cut certain things out of my diet ie CHOCOLATE, CHEESE, ORANGE AND THINGS WITH LOTS OF CAFFINE in it, s i never cut them out completely i just never at them all in one day, so if i had cheese i wouldnt eat chocolate and so on and so forth.

As i grew older they gradually stopped, i think it was hereditory as my mum and grandfather used to suffer from them...who know!

Now i get a migraine every 2 or 3 months, i just take some decent pills close the curtains and lay in a dark room, the best thing is not to get upset or stressed as this makes it worse.

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I too, suffer from migraines, i started to get them when i was about 14, now im 49 and i still get them. i can relate to the auras to, the flickering lights, visual eye disturbances, etc. i think for me the aura is the worst symptom of the migraine. i would rather have the migraine then the aura. i found i get these headaches around that time of the month, or when the weather changes. my email is not working.

Oh my gosh! I know exactly how you feel!! I remember when I didn't know what it was called and I would cry because I would say "I have that thing in my eye!". And now I learned it's called an aura. But ya, I would cry too. Migraines are something NOBODY should go.

aww bless! finally someone who has them too! I get them every 3 days..mine feel like i'm being run over by a 10 ton lorry. I end up crawling around the living room and curling up into a ball, hanging over the side of the sofa.. and I end up vomiting 5-6 times.. But I now have suppositories. (not prescriped and not on shelf) but at least they work! they go in the anus and take 20 minutes to work and after them I'm running around!! also I take solphadol they work too! =) hope this helps. <br />
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take care x

At least it's an occasional thing. <br />
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I hate headaches, and for a long time I thought it had something to do with being front of computers. I did some research to narrow it down and found out it was a tension headache but it became a migraine.<br />
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Tylenol, Asprin, and Avil - you name it, they were the only things I knew. Now, it's been almost a year and I have not used any of them. My only medication now is a pharmaceutically graded dietary supplement. Funny thing, I could sense it developing, and that's when I "naturally" stop it.

Thats awful that people thought you were faking. And I completely understand about the never ending list of things you aren't supposed to eat. It seems like the doctor always forgets to mention that they are COMMON triggers for migraines, rather than YOUR trigger for Migraines. Have you managed to figure out what triggers your migraines? or does it seems completely random (like they sometimes can be--how frustrating)