Some of My Migraine Description

I'm glad for this group.  I was tempted to join the "I get migraine headaches" group here but it was just making me mad.  To me, migraines and headaches are so separate that I think people don't understand the extent of daily pain when they link the two.  I mean when I used to be able to knock out the migraine with Relpax (or even before that with the half hour after Aleve) within 1 hour and a half of curling up under the covers and trying to block out sound, I thought it was bad and all of that.   That however can almost go with migraine headaches but after a day, no, that's not just a normal headache and I hate that label for it.  After 3 months of sunglasses, constant pain, so many prescriptions not knocking anything out.  I'm now on propranolol (a beta-blocker) daily and toradol for bad days, every day I can feel the beta-blocker start to wear off though.  It's a constant migraine and it really doesn't stop for me so much anymore and I just always feel tired.  I'm upset that even when things are better, I don't feel like I'm functioning to optimal level.  Oh well I guess.  At this point, I'm taking a summer class but I don't think I could work on top of it *sigh*.
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Hi, I am Holistic Healer and inteference in proper development this organs I help many women with this problem. From story I understand your problems they are related to your young age and in your sexual organs development something chapped which negatively influence this process and live scare, which create the pain. In my knowledge during time the frequency of pain increase, also pregnancies influence increase pain level. Women told mi that all the medicines made worst and increase the problems, some painkillers give some rest but the best is go to bead and try rest. I heal this on 1 or 2 session; some time is need to made some diet not difficult to do.<br />
I will wait for your respond. Best wishes.<br />
Jan<br />
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PS. I will know when the pain start, your age, how often the pain you have and what medicines you taken.