Thanks Mom!

They say they are hereditary, so thanks Mom!


Why can't people be as tolerant about migraines as they are with other medical condidtions? Oh, you've got asthma? I won't smoke near you. You've got an allergy? I won't get this near you. Why can't people understand that a migraine is a medical condition too? That if triggered and become full blown can lead to days of incapacitation? I can't tell you how many times I've asked people to lighten up on perfume and they don't respect me enough to realize that everytime a migraine is triggered I have to pop a $28 a pill medicine to stop it before it becomes full blown and have to miss work? Thank dog that I have insurance. With the copay, I pay $45 for 6 pills. STill, that's $7.50 a pill. Still expensive in my book.


I can't tell you how many times I've asked the guy who cleans the floors to either dilute the cleaning solution (this smell is so strong that I've got to open windows, even when it's 30degrees F out) or wait until I leave for the day which is at 1pm, he usually starts in around 12:30. I can't be in the same room as this stuff since it's so strong.


Am I being selfish when asking that people do this stuff? I've read about people getting notes from their doctor about having a "scent free" workplace. If I keep running through my meds fast enough, I might just ask about it.


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Maybe your boss will listen when you have so much time off work. A doctors letter will definitely carry a lot of weight.

it is hard for people to understand how bad these can be until they have had to deal with one for two or three days and still be expected to function normally in their daily lives. Keep your chin up and just keep trying to educate others on what it is like.

Thanks for the suggestions! A while back I got my manager to talk to someone about the strong cologne (sp?) they wore. Everytime this person came into the lab, I'd have a migraine by the end of the day. Luckily that's all it took and the "offending party" didn't take offense. But the bad thing is that manager is gone, I've got a new one and I drop hints everytime the floor is being cleaned and nothing came of that. <br />
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I'll have to get a bit more insistant. :)