I don't just get migraine headaches though mine has been a chronic one. For 7 years. And the doctors don't know how to help me. The pain EVERYDAY is unbearable and I feel like I'm just hurting everyone I love and that hurts me even more. My boyfriend hates seeing me in pain and I hate that he has to. I wish the doctors would figure out what is wrong with me because it sucks and I don't know how much longer of this pain I can handle
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I'm sorry. My brother had a continuos migraine for 5 years. It really does suck. Have they given you any medications? I don't understand why you haven't been hospitalized, they give an anti-seizure medication through an IV.

Yeah they gave me 400mg of topamax a day half in the morning half at night and they think I'm lying so why hospitalize me, I stopped taking my medicine because it has never worked.

Take the medicine and try and find a way to go to the hospital. Maybe call, and talk to the receptionist, they will talk about it with you an ask if you need transportation (ambulance)."

I haven't taken it in a year and my doctor knows that but she hasn't done anything else to help, I was told to get a referral to a clinic in Minnesota though.


Well I'm sorry dear. Feel better

Thank you.

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Not to get too personal, but are you on birth control? Certain ones made my headaches worse. Plus the worst headache of the month always comes the day before I start my period, those are classified as menstrual migraines. It doesn't matter how many doctors you see. If one doesn't understand you, then keep looking. I know it can be discouraging, but when you find the right one, it's worth it!

I have an IUD but I just got it recently, I've had this problem since I was younger and then one day it didn't go away and I've had it since.

All the gynecologists I've seen want me to get an IUD. The #1 side effect is headaches, so I tell them no way and then they say there's nothing more they can do for me. I've also been told to try a chiropractor, but haven't yet. My aunt with migraines swears by acupuncture, but I have yet to try that one either.

I can't have the pills because of the risks with them. And I don't think The IUD hasn't affected my migraine because the pain is just horrible everyday but I've learned to get used to it and can control it sorta.

Try using some Feverfew, vitamin B2, and Magnesium supplements daily. It sometimes helps with the smaller headaches. I also started using some Neem (chinese herbal remedy) back when I was in college and didn't have insurance as a form of birth control. One side effect of it I began to notice is that for awhile it kept my headaches to a minimum. I've used it for so long now though that I don't think it helps with them, but I still generally feel better using it as opposed to not. If you ever need help or have questions, you can inbox me.

I don't have smaller headaches I have one constant migraine that the pain varies with, it never goes away.

that's how mine were. Some of these suggestions helped when the pain was sitting around a 3--6. With some of the level 7 headaches I found that drinking a whole gatorade dulled the pain a little.

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I would go find another doctor.
Sounds like yours isn't taking you seriously. You should not be living with recurrent migraines.

The thing is she's my second neurologist because the first couldn't handle me

I had been having the same problem. I finally got in to a pain specialist and he did a C2-C4 nerve block. Since then my headaches are about 95% better!

So I should see a pain specialist?

I've been dealin with these since I was 9. I've had more progress with the pain specialist than the neurologist. It's worth a try if you can get a referral to one.

I've been dealing with it since I was 9 too.

I'm sorry you are going through this too. I have daily chronic migraine. Even though they aren't as powerful as those who get them periodically I still am in pain everyday.
I think I've tried every medicine to no avail.
I just keep moving forward that's all you can do. Wish you the best.

That's exactly what I do the medicines the my neurologist gives me don't work so I don't take it and just live with the pain everyday and sometimes it feels like I wear a mask because I don't want people worrying about me, I just go through the days and wish somebody could help me

I rarely talk about them to people. I either get a) you're an exaggerator or you're making it up b) people close to me will get annoyed "again? Always! Etc.."

I feel the same way I made this thing so I can share anon, my neurologist said that I'm exaggerating and I can't be in so much pain everyday and that am I sure I'm not making it up so I'm going to have to go to a special clinic In Minnesota and my family is to the point they don't care anymore

I feel the same way, if my neurologist felt a little of what I go through she would do anything to help but it feels like she doesn't care either.

Yup. The thing is my mom and aunt and cousin all go through a migraine now and then and think they are dieing, if only they tried that everyday.

I know! It's like if I have it everyday somehow mine is less, mine is probably more but I'm used to it by now. And I shouldn't have to be.

Take the pills. They build up in your system and should stop the migraine even if it wakes months.

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