Migraines Basically Disable Me


I get migraines in the summer, fall, and the next day after eating dark chocolate, or a lot of chocolate, I like Chocolate!  For years I just dealt with it since they were only once a month or so.  About five years ago they started showing up weekly or more. These were the ones that would make me sick to my stomach and lasted most of the day. 

 I eventually seen a doctor about it and he prescribed me some meds that I couldn’t afford, cheapest I found them was like $20/each. He gave me a sample pack (3 pills) which helped but only if I took them when I first noticed the aurora, if I missed the window it would be a wasted pill. 

 I did some research and found something called Midrin (Isometh / Apap / Dichlor) I can get 40 pills for $13 with my insurance.  I take 2 at the onset and 1 every hour for up to 3 hours if need be.  It’s worked very well and doesn’t drain my pocketbook!


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Wow, good luck with the new cheap med! I was on Zomig and Imitrex & Maxalt but I get those horrible side effects too. Then he put me on Frova which didn't cause them. The only problem I ended up having was I was getting migraines almost every day prior to my son's wedding(mine always come on when I am stressed)and I was popping them every day just to get thru the all wedding prep. My doctor never told me I could OD on them and that you should never take them for more than a couple of days....I ended up in the hospital because at first I thought I was having a heart attack, I had all the symptoms, extreme left chest, arm, jaw pains, nausea, dizziness, it was awful! The worst part was that they were doing all kinds of testing on my heart at the hospital, kept me there for 3 days and they never figured out that it was the Frova, in fact they were giving it to me while I was there!! Thank God nothing was wrong with my heart, but they wanted to keep me for more tests, at which point I just wanted to go home. I was the one who figured it out after I got home & stopped taking the Frova! <br />
When I went for a follow up to see my GP, I told him about it and he was pretty concerned that I had taken that many, apparently it could've killed me if I would've had a bad heart!<br />
After that incident he prescribed a phenobarbital which doesn't really help. I had to just do what I used to do, which was taking large doses of aspirin & sinus meds until the pain goes away in a day or so.<br />
Oh, almost forgot, another doctor put me on a daily dose of Topamax, also very expensive, and it seemed to relieve the frequency a bit from one a week to maybe 1 every couple of wks. <br />
Good luck to all of you that have to suffer with these things...<br />
But at least now there are meds that can help some peeps, altho if you can't afford them it doesnt do much good....grrrr.

That's great that you found something that works (and that it's cheap) Migraine meds are very expensive. I'm on Zomig. I get 6 tablets for my $45 copay. If I'd have to pay out of pocket it would be about $28 a tablet. All I can say is that they can keep them for that price. But I think Imitrex is going generic soon, so hopefully it'll be a lot cheaper for people. Unfortunately, I have to hold out for something else to go generic, I get horrible side effects from the Imitrex (chest tightness, etc)<br />
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Good luck busting those migraines.