I Suffer From Extreamly Inteance Migraines

Hello, I'm crazycoolcat28

I have been a migraine suffer since 2000, at the time they were managabale and I could keep them under controll with daily meds like vioxx and bextra when they were still on the market, and would use Imatrex to kill it when I would get one.  My mother is also a migranie suffer, used to be really bad also, but now rarley will get one.

Now that said, I am currently going to Chicago every month to the Diamond Headache Clinic for check-ups.  How did I end up needing to go every month?  Well back in November of last year I had something happen to me that I have never experianced before.  I was at work and I felt a little off most of the day, I was having bad tremours (I thought was due to my thyroid being off) well as the day went on, I got worse to the point I could hardly hold my head up right, lost feeling in my right side, couldn't think clearly, my speech was slurred and shakey, walking was difficult, and I was extreamly light headed.  So I went to the nurses station (I work in a retierment/nursing home) and told the RN on duty that I didn't feel very good, so she checked my vitales and surgar level.  Everything was pretty much normal, she called my supervisor down to the floor and they discussed the fact that I needed to get to the hospital ASAP.  The ER PA told me that I had vertigo and sent me home.  I have had vertigo before and I knew damn well it wasn't.

So begins my long and horrbile 8 weeks of missory.  I had a migraine everyday for that 8 weeks of a pain level of 6 or more.  Was on n off work the whole time, was unable to drive for two weeks.  Was on several different types of abortives.  On a bunch of diff staroieds and numuros other meds.  I was in and out of my nuroligests office trying to get my migraine under control.  At first they thought I might have an anurisam, by looking at the CT scan, then I had to have a MRA and a MRI, was in the ER in my home town twice and then in the ER at St. Mary's in Saginaw.  All they did was give me shots of pain meds.  By the thired time at my nuroligest he told me that he could no longer do anything since I have been in as an out paitent three times.  He gave me the info for Diamond Headache Clinic and told me to call them and get an apt with them. 

I made my apt. and on Jan. 2nd my dad, mom, ex-boyfriend and I drove down to Chi-town (what an adventrue that was).  On the 3rd of Jan I was admitted into St. Joe's hospital on the 9th floor for migraine suffers.  It was cool, I had my own room and bathroom, had an cool view of Lake MI.  We were all able to do as we please on our ward.  I was only suppoused to be there for 6 days well that turned into 10days.  I had to have two treatments for a total of 18 bags of DHE-45, through IV.  Had nerve blockers injected into my neck and numuros other tests.  Had to go to classes on how to contole them.  The migriane finally broke and I was sent home on the 13th of Jan.  One hell of a way to spend the new year, but I met some amazing ppl and was pretty much migriane and headache free.  It was a God sent that I was able to go to the clinic.

I had been doing good since then, would have a headache everyday though, however it was not inteance or would rarly turn into a migraine.  I could deal with this without a problem.  I had been doing exalant the past month or so, that is up until last Tuesday, Sept 5 2006.  I was, well at work once again pullin trays for service when out of no where I had a very intance migraine attack.  It felt like someone had taken an ax and hit me on the right side of my head.  I had pain radiate from my right eye back to my right side of the neck and down into the sholder.  I was immidiatly nausiated and the majority of the same symptoms had come back like I had in November.  On thursday I ended up having to leave work, because I was in so much pain I was crying.  And I'm the type of person that never calls in or goes home early from work, I am very dedicated to my job.  So it was bad, to the point I had spent more time in the restroom than on my floor cuz I thought I was gonna be sick to my stomache.  I came home and called Chicago immidiatly and told the nurse what was goin on.  She consulted with the doc, and orderd me some meds.  I am still feeling quite bad today, but have the weekend off work, gonna get as much rest as possible.  I am how every in luck (have be it) I go down on the 12th of this month for my check up, more than likely he will be admitting me once again.  I don't know for sure, so I'm gonna pack extra just in case.  I pray that it will go away b4 then, but it isn't looking good.  So what ever happens happens, whearther or not I can affored it, I will take being addmited once again if it will break this horrific and puttin me dead in my tracks pain that I am suffering from as I write this.

To all of you that suffer as I do, I so feel your pain (no pun intended on that).  I have been looking for a support group that I could talk too and relate too, but haven't been able to do so.  Not many people can understand what we are going through and give us funny looks when we are in pain.  Will be great to get to know you all.

Peace to all,


ps sorry about the spelling mistakes and for it being so long....just needed to get it off my chest.

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yaz is a form of birth control

I too have a 12 year old daughter that I hope and pray does not get these headaches. I have been having migraine with aura for 13 years though mostly with no pain. Only until the last 2 years have I started having pain, dizziness, nausea, tingly arms and legs and overall "way out of it feeling". Saw a neuro who prescribed Topomax and reg DR prescribed YAZ as she thought maybe hormones. Sometimes it seems that the headaches last for weeks, I get a little relief then they come right back. Has anyone had success with YAZ?

I have suffered Migraines since I was 18 years old. I have not had a plain old headache since then. Everything goes right into Migraine. I have tried it all, and nothing has worked yet. I am now trying the magnesiam and also something called NattoKinase. I am considering trying migravent also. Has anyone had success with any of these. I do take Imitrex 100 mg and the shot if that doesnt kick it. It is my life-saver. Most of my migraines are hormonal. We also tweeking them with natural estrogen, progestrion and testosterone. My 12 year old daughter has signs of migraines already. I hope they find cures soon. I do not want her to suffer like we all do.

That sounds like a horrible experience. I have suffered Migraines, and my pain never got to the level that yours did, but I spent about 6 weeks with a headache all of the time. I finally figured out that one of my triggers is florescent lighting. Have you figured out what triggers yours?