I have been a 35 years sufferer of migraines.  18 years ago I began to use Imitrex and for me it kind of worked.  But as I approached menopause I also got very sick from using the imitrex.  I used the injection and had 2-3 headaches a month.  I am shocked I have had no migraine now going on 10 weeks-0 head pain.  That is unheard of for me. You see  I got a hold of a new but very studied product that comes from New Zealand called enzogenol.  It has stopped my headache pain totally!!!!!.  here is a link to the studies for migraines. http://www.enzogenol.com/assets/pdfs/chayasirisobhon%20s%202006.pdf   I was also able to get the product at this web site.  You can study it there also.  It works and has worked for me now going on 11 weeks...I am still in shock this has worked as it has…CHECK IT OUT…...I feel headache free.  www.changeyourlifejustdoit.com  id # 111986

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do you have a website instead of the pdf file? This sounds amazing.