Years Of Pain

I've been suffering from migraines approximately twice a month since 1971.

Mine always start with a bright silver circle flashing across my vision. A minute or so later a small squiggly figure that looks like a dysfunctional neon light begins to pulse and grow. Little sparks shoot out from its centre and start their own little pulsing squiggly figures, until the whole centre of my field of view is obscured by the light show. If I have my pills with me, now is the time to take them, coz my stomach will soon start to close off, and no oral medication will work then.

Often, the tips of some of my fingers become numb, even agressively itchy. Sometimes this paraesthesia affects half my face -particularly my lips and tongue- and sometimes half of my body goes numb.

I've got to lie down then, in quiet and darkness, and just tough it out. If the migraine is badly timed and I have food in my stomach, I will soon feel nauseous. My mouth will suddenly fill with saliva and I'll need to vomit. This doesn't stop when my stomach's empty, and I can dry retch on and off for hours, which is particularly distressing when the top of my head already feels like it will split. The only thing that works for me is an injection of maxolon and morphine.

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4 Responses Nov 3, 2009

What an ordeal to have to go through! Have you tried acupuncture? A friend of mine with this condition was cured for life after just one treatment. Worth a try?

Thanks for your sympathetic comments, ladies. I'm lucky, in a way, that I usually get those warning lights flashing to let me know a headache's on its way, and I can usually avoid the worst of the pain and nausea.

my mom gets it too,part of her withdrawal from quitting smoking. from seeing her suffer from it,its sure looks painful.

Aren't they awful?!