I Get Migraine Headaches

Hi! I have been suffering with migraines since 1997 after my husband and I were in a small car accident. The ligaments in my neck were affected and hence the migraines. I have experienced some of the worst ones that have led me to go to the ER for Demerol shots (ones that lasted for days with no relief) and some that have been manageable. I was in the military for almost 3 years but got out when I had my first child and have been a stay at home mom ever since. I have had to cope with the migraines  with 2 kids for the last 13 years while my husband was in the military overseas... and you learn fast how to deal with 2 kids and a spouse deployed overseas with no help. Now, that he is out and we are near family, it is easier to get help with the kids when I have a bad migraine but I need to find some new meds. Military docs would only give me small amounts and half the time those meds did not work. I am looking for a civilian dr now and hope to find one who will listen and let me try something new for a change and not put me on the same stuff i have been on for over 12 years. I would appreciate any info on new meds and any dr's if anyone is in the Greensboro, NC area (or Asheboro) as I am new to the area.

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Wow, jsking, that sure sounds like a heavy load. I'm lucky that my son is 13 now, and pretty well used to seeing his dad curled up in a dark room with a cold towel on his head.