My Frequent Pain In The A***

I remember being little having to sit in the ER at 2am with my siblings waiting for my mom to get a shot because her head hurt. I also remember as a teenager being woken up to drive my dad to the ER for the same reason. I've seen my dad cry twice in my entire life, to me its the most heartbreaking thing I've seen, one time his headache was so bad he cryd. I knew that pain was bad but didn't know how bad it could get until I started getting them. If its genetics, man do they suck right. I've been forunate enough so far that it hasn't sent me to the hostpital, and I hope it doesn't. I think I either give myself these headaches when I'm really stressed out, or they just randomly happen when everythings good and I'm happy and enjoying life and trying to relax. I'm not sure all I know is its a pain in the a**.
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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

i am so sorry for you. i too remember my mother having to do this! i hope it is not all genetic, because my 7 year old daughter has frequently complianed of headaches. i have had her ears and eyes checked, and the docs say she is fine and probably just having headaches! this frustrates me because i dont want her to go through this too.