Tired Of The Blah!

i am so tired of the pain, the bad mood it puts me in. the fatigue before and after, the strain on my relationship. i have been on daily preventative meds for 2 years now and it has made them not as frequent, but not controlled them alltogether. sometimes i just want to dig my eyeballs out they hurt so bad!!! aaaaaarrrrrrrgg!

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You can try yoga too. This helps if you feel an attack coming on but if you get one while you are asleep...that's another story! <br />

yes, i have to stay away from alcohol. just 1 glass of wine makes me pay for it the next day! i hsve heard msg, but not peanuts. i will keep that in mind. i am on propranalol twice daily and use fioricet when i need it. and that has kept it where i can function, and even work on days that i have one, which is a great step for me, because i couldnt get out of bed on some days! i have tried other meds but they did not work as well. at this point i am happy with maneagable pain as opposed to dibilitating pain! i know that sounds horrible, but i know some of you know what i am talking about!

You have my sympathy for your pain and anguish. As with other medical situations, trial and error is sometimes necessary on the combination of meds that work best for one person. Doctors become frustrated too. According to one of my physicians, migraines, although different for everyone can have similar activity in the brain as a seizure. <br />
Someone I knew, it took her 11 yrs. to find the right combo of meds to prevent her seizures. <br />
I take, three daily meds to prevent migraines and it's side effects and yet when the atmospheric pressure changes I have to take additional meds as needed for those times the daily meds aren't enough. <br />
I wish you the best. Some foods or additives allegedly can also aid in triggering migraines. <br />

Daily preventatives are like sandomigran aka litec,but these can increase the appetite. Regular niacin can increase blood pressure so you may try its derivative niacinamide. Pls avoid anything with peanuts, alcohol and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

You can try feverfew, peppermint, white willow, or for drugs ...vasograine. these work most of the time for me. however dont use use feverfew with pharmaceutical analgesics!!!!