What Are Your Triggers?

Just curious on what triggers others have for migraines or are they pretty much all the same?
I started having migraines in elementary. No aura, they just hit me fast. It hurts behind my eye, the back of my head and underneath my shoulder blade. If I let them go on too long without taking something the medication doesn't work. Then my vision starts to go blury, can't focus, and then the vomiting. They last 24 hours.
Massages, change of temperature just make it hit even faster and harder.
I can get a migraine from the sunlight, heat, dehydration, too much sleep, not enough sleep, what I eat, stress, the weather change...
I take imitrex shots right now. I have tried, anti depressants, blood pressure medication... Fiorcet seems to be working if I take every day, or atleast lesson them.
What are your triggers?
rainmoon rainmoon
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1 Response Aug 7, 2010

I forgot, teeth grinding at night. My jaw hurts some mornings and then I get a migraine. :P