Especially Today..........

Last night I went to bed, happy & feeling loved. 3:45AM I woke up sitting in the middle of my bed, rocking back & forth & wishing the pain away. 5AM, still awake. Scared "he" would come back if I fell asleep. My dream catcher didn't work. =(
This morning I got up, helped momma get ready for town & put on a smiley face for her (so she wouldn't worry). I made coffee, had breakfast, said good bye to her & my grandparents & closed the door. I came into the living room, scared & alone. Came on EP, & smiled because I had lots of comments on my stories, & new mail, & gestures too. I liked that................. Until I read a couple of the comments. I deleted the stories, & cried.
Of course it doesn't help that I'm always emotional at this time of the month. One of my wonderful side effects of being a woman. Mahahaha! I'm really hoping that he'll be on today, cause I know he'll make me feel better. =((

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009