My First Wedgie That My Boyfriend Gave Me

wel it started i slapped my boyfriends *** softly and about 1 houre later when i was reading a book i was wearing a little skirt he putted me over his knee and pulled my skirt down and spanked me wel it hurted a little but it was fun then he putted some water in my thong it realy gave a weird feeling then he dragged me to our bed(holding my thong) then he hanged me on a hook we use to put our clothes on then he putted his pants of and forced me to lick his *** after a while he letted me off and spanked me some more times but it was fun after all

well to tell all of you me and my boy friend do stuff like this more times so dont worry i had my revenge
XXingeXX XXingeXX
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2010