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I learned everything from my family. I owe my whole life and style to them. I also owe my pair to my mom. My entire family is big-boobed and I'm no exception. My mom wears a JJ cup and my even my rail thin sister is a DD cup.

We're one big happy Spanish family. For the most part we're all thick, curvy woman with wide hips and big, big busts that can grow at any age. Its not uncommon to skip training bras and just wake up one morning a B or C cup as a young teen. It's not unusual, frowned upon or stressful. It would practically be STRANGE to be smaller than a D cup. Boobs are an common topic in my family, its not taboo or kept hush hush. Men in our family love it and thats not secret either. Uncles and dads frequently comment on how big so and so is looking, who's looking biggest and everyone is happy to give compliments to young growing nieces and daughters.

I know most families aren't like that. Infact alot of people would think my uncles are inappropriate. Maybe they are. TO YOU. Everything is a relative and that's completely normal. They aren't old perverts. Its a different culture, it's not even sexual. Do you remember being hugged and greeted at family parties by aunts and elders and having them rave over how tall your growing, or how well your doing in school? Well its the same with boobs in my family. Its a sign of development, coming of age and maturity.

I don't think all family's should be like mine. Being different and unique is what fuels the world. But I do wish more families would be as encouraging. Ultimately I love my mom for the two huge gifts she's blessed me with and I'm thankful for them, and their size, everyday. They are signs of my sexuality, and my amazing family. I'd be happy to be told they won't ever stop growing. Mother nature and God wanted me to have big boobs and they make no mistakes.
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Wow, so you are from spain? from what region?

Amean Sister , U'r look great & I'd love 2 see U Topless & letting them be Free in A few pics Baby !!

It sounds like you have a great family.

Add me please! I love your open-ness, and i've always wanted to get to know someone my age who knows what its like to stand out...

Id love to see these proud **** ;-)

Great ! Glad to see another positive story about selfimage and being comfortable with one's own body.
Wish I knew more people like this

That was a a very culturally diverse tale. I am very tantalized by what you wrote. What a neat family to be a part of and to share with. I believe to many families are to hung up to appreciate what they have. The honest you displayed is awesome and very sexy. Your attitude drives this sexiness. Keep it up and keep sharing!!

Love the story, and I to love me some big juicy breasts

add me pls

What a wonderful family

thank you =)

Awesome that you thank GOD and Mother Nature first and foremost for your curves and fantastic bosom. Aside from my mom and my aunties, my sisters thank their grandmothers too. Both grammas in my immediate family were quite ample and blessed on top! Any credit to your grandmothers?

Oh I do. I'm very religious as well as thankful. I acknowledge the gifts mother nature and God have allowed me to carry. It's an honor and was amazingly gracious of Him. My family is the same way.

Credit goes all to God but yes, my entire family are all really, really busty.

Ok, those are big! WOW! Thanks

lol thank you!

Seems our families are similar, especially with the remarks about how big the girls are in the breast department. I can remember being young and hearing them talk like that and thought how gross they were but as I started to develop, I started to enjoy being part of the family then.

Aww, alot of young girls are unsure about their bodies, especially if they're developing faster. Thankfully you had family support.

" I'd be happy to be told they won't ever stop growing." This gave me a touch of what we men call "would". It was a nice experience. Excuse me, I mean 'wood'.

Also, I think I'd like your family! You people sound nice.

Thanks Cheese =) Ahaha, its true! And yes they are great people =)

Well said Maria ! be proud of your family and your bontiful **** ! you rock !

You have a great sense of humor. Congratulations on having a warm and caring family.

Thank you =)

AMEN to that!! this is like all the women in my family. unfortunately it is taboo for the guys to bring it up, but i remember when i had my growth spurt throughout high school, my aunts and my grandma, would constantly joke and say stuff like "if your boobs grow anymore, i might not be able to wrap my arms around you for a hug" or they would look at mom and ask her what the hell shes feeding me lol.

I'v gotten those exact same things told to me. "Whoa, guess theres where all the milks going."

oh i forgot about that one lol! one of my aunts is pretty handsy and not afraid to invade peoples personal space. i hadnt seen her for a few years, and the last time she saw me i was 13 just getting into a B cup. then when i was 17 she came to visit and i was a H cup. first thing she did after we hugged was grabbed my boobs and said "geez! i see youve been drinking your milk... and i hope you got a good bra on cause these things are heavy!"

Sweeto. I love ur positive attitude. That how God made u and u love HIM and i am so happy to hear someone ur age with a fresh attitude.
And ur pic is soo cute. Wish i had a sister like u.
best wishes.

wow, thats nice

I think you are so lucky to have been raised in such a supportive family. Breasts are not evil and large breasts are not really, really evil. It SHOULD be treated just like height, because just like height, it is going to happen anyway. I really wish more busty girls could grow up in such a supportive environment.

I read your words with interest. I just saw my niece over the holidays.. my niece looking better than ever , "in her early thirties". I wanted to tell her she was hot!! but settled for, "you look better as you age.".. would love to see your "gifts".. and comment.

I've always been a huge fan of large breasted ladies! I think it may, in part, be because I have some Big Hands... In the past I've had the pleasure of experiencing 56MMM's, 38J's, 42G's, and ... 42N's!!! OMG! I would like to be your friend! Thanks...

There's nothing like a positive family. :D You got it good.

family asset...and rightly proud!

You are very blessed in more ways than one. I would be just like you if I were a girl. Cant wait to read more about you, lol

Thanks for the love =) chat me some time!

good for you, BE proud if your family. They encouraging in this thing everyone in the family which is not common but very good behaving. you look fantastic..so you could be proud of you as well.. :)

Good for you! Be proud of yourself! It sounds like you've got a great family!

Yeah, nothing like a great family! Please add me Jay.

My family has always been big boobed--my grandma, my mom, and now my wife. No wonder I'd love to see yours. I bet they're phenomenal!!!

Thank you spring board for being so supportive!

that is crazy, but at least you not still growing

I hope that I am!

you do...trying to break records in your family...lol

haha exactly!

who is the biggest in your family?

U go girl! Thats the way to be proud!

dangerous...a tidewide of breast taking out everyone

Just don't go smothering ppl and tittyy smacking family members and random strangers..they have laws against that

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i hope you keep growing and growing babe. they will look gorgeous.

I think it almost strange that everyone in your family got the genes. My ex-wife's family definitely had the genes, and not all of her sisters were as blessed. Certainly most of them, but not all. Thankfully for her brother, he didn't get them, lol.

Spanish food and genetics played the biggest roles but random chance I suppose did happen somewhere down the line. Honestly to have a small chest Id be suprised at, growing up with a mom/grandma/and aunts all with larger than average busts I never knew anything but that. My brothers are pretty typical in that category lol.

Sounds like you have a wonderful family. :) I am sure your daughters will get the big boob genes too.

I am so glad for you that you have grown in a big family where big breasts and talking of breasts are as normal as talking of the weather or school. I LOVE your attitude and I wish you all the best in life and that you will find the right partner that boosts you even more.