Work Related Facesitting

Three weeks ago I was working late in the office, feeling particularly horny I was watching **** on my iPad when one of the cleaners walked in. She clocked right away my throbbing hard on and the **** movie playing on the iPad. I tried to turn it off but it was too late.

She walked towards me with a hunger in her eyes. She grabbed my **** and marched me to the conference room, she squeezed really hard as she told me to lie on the table. She pulled off my trousers, underwear, socks and shoes as I lay there full erect pulling the skin back a forth over my purple head, she suddenly slapped my face and told me to stop.

She looked into my eyes as she slowly undressed, her heavy breasts hanging in all their veiny glory, nipples hard, as her underwear came off I could see she was as excited as I was as her bald **** was soaking wet. She climbed on to the table and stood over me for a while, I reached up to touch her full lipped ***** and she slapped my hand away. My **** began to ache as she turned, foot either side of head and began to lower herself to squat on my face!

She bobbed a while as my tongue darted in and out of her **** hole occasionally shifting her position so my tongue was up her *** hole which winked as my tongue entered. The whole time I lapped at her ***** she had my **** and was tugging at it extremely hard her other hand gripped my balls, nails digging into the sound ball skin which see pulled and pinched. Her bobbing slowed as she got close to climaxing instead sitting on my face and smothering me!

This went on for ten mnutes or so before she climaxed and really sat down, I couldn't breathe and began to panic the whole time she spanked my **** and balls and wanked my **** furiously until my **** began to twitch which she acted on by leaping forward and deep throating me and taking a mouthful of ***. As I lay there gasping for air having experienced the best ****** of my life she sat back in one of the chairs and got dressed.

I've seen her a few times since, she gives me a wry smile and blushes but I haven't had the pleasure of her company again even after working late every night since!
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May 12, 2012