I Get My Huge Boobies From My Mother!

I get my huge breasts from mother!

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I have developed very large breasts which continue to grow. Right now they are at an e cup. Where did I get my big boobs from? I don't have to look any further than my lovable mother! She was always very busty, being an h cup, but while being pregnant with me her boobies expanded to k cups! Then just recently she gave birth to my baby brother. They grew again! Mother is a naturist and loves to show her big boobies in public. "All natural", she likes to tell people who inquire if they are real or fake. She loves to pose with them as well, and has been photographed alot in the last 20 years. She gave me some of these pix here. Check my photo album to see how much bigger she is than me!..



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you are amazing plz add me i want to see the comparison
and hopefully be able to keep in touch with you

Love the story sounds really interesting your life can you please add me:)

Friends with benefits?

My wife also has large breasts!! I love them. She has a nice behind and big sexy thick thighs she got from her grandma. Please add me if u dont mind!!

I would love to see! Please add me

That would be my pleasure... please add me

Add me josephine! :D

I love busty girls.<br />
Add me please.

I'd love to see your pictures

yeah, can i see your beautiful **** and *** on them?

would like to see your pics would you add me as friend please,, great to see a girl following in her mom's footsteps,, or should I say bra cups, lol

i wud luv to see ur album. i LUV huge breasts! can i be ur friend please?

Throw me on the band wagon with the rest of these guys, I would love to take a look at the pics and make a comparison! It's great that you have a mother that is so open.

Would love to be a friend to see your pics....and to hear what you think of mine. Thanks

I'd REALLY LOVE to see your pics., & comment on them!!!!!! PLEASE, add me!!! Thank you lots............

Love your story Josephine! I love busty women who are proud of their lovely big breasts like you and your mother. Would luv to see the pics of and your mother.

Can't wait.

i am in your circle, but when i tried to click on picture link on your profile it said no pictures existed

i would love to see those, nothing sexier then a woman that loves her body