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I am almost 15 and my parents and Dr still take my temperature rectally. OK, so like my mom is a nurse and my dad is a pharmacist, and they and the Dr always tell me that it's the best and most accurate way, and well, I kinda know that, but it's sooooooooooo embarrassing!

Don't get the wrong idea. None of them ever did anything weird to me! They just really think it is important for it to be done this way and I tolerate it because of the explanation, but I hate having to pull up my skirt, or lower my pants, and just like wait there on my stomach for them to pull down my panties and put it in and then wait for it to be taken out. It feels like hours not minutes!

I have like only 2 friends who still get it this way sometimes. Are there more teenage girls out there that still get your temperature taken this way,or maybe any moms who still do it that way who can make me understand and feel better about it?

My mom says that when she was a kid in the 60s this was the way everyone had it taken all the time at home and at the Dr and parents even gave their kids suppositories and enemas all the time too! Ewwwwwwwwwww! Had a few of those and glad I was not a kid in the 60s!

Anyone else have this experience now?
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Your mom is right. Technology wasn't near as advanced back in our era. They did do oral temps back then, as well but the good ol reliable rectum was still the norm.
When I was 14 I was placed in the children's Ward of the hospital for a hernia operation and the male nurse assured me the first time was the only time they would do it in the butt. The female nurses stuck to the old way.
RTs were so commonplace back then that kids ever incorporated it in their doctor games as well as shots in the butt, also popular back then.
Yes, the temperature of the human body IS measured more accurately in the butt since the temperature of the mouth varies so much during the day the it's accuracy is always questionable.
Yes, it IS embarrassing. I know that from experience.
It should never be done in front of others. I trust it is done that way for you at home (you and one parent; alone). In the doctor's office the nurse should take it with your mom there.
Suppositories have practically unheard of these days since they have been replaced by more modern methods. Those who are "old school" in their thinking still use them today.
I feel for your embarrassment and hope it won 't go on much longer for you.
I wish you the best life has to offer and may your days be bright. UJ

I have.

It's is the best way to get the temperature and it's only because we parents care that we do these things including the enemas and the suppositories.

Temperatures measured rectally are the most accurate.

Does your doctor give injection too?

Yeah... he does and pretty often ... He says they work faster and get solve the ¨problem¨ better and also prevent stuff .... and yeah I get those mostly in the tush too! He gives prescriptions for pills and stuff too but always does a shot first. What about you and yours?

Yes, doctor gives them in the tush also. Every time it seems like it two very painful injections at the same time!!! One in each check!! Very hard to sit down after that!!


i used to

My mom insisted to use a rectal thermomtere. She just wouldnt buy a oral one. At 17 I just refused, and she finily bought a oral.

Yeas I still do as I am 18 teen and the Dr I have dose this as well and ya it feel weird , but I like to know that when he see all of me that I am ok and doing well , But I like to be in the nude when he look me over with me working out and all the weird thing you here about today I feel good to know he did not miss any thing , but that me take care girl Tiffany oo

I got it oral...

I know lots of kids in my school that still get it that way including my siblings and I.

Hey Jess!
I think it´s really cool that you responded so honestly and I appreciate it! I know this is like really delayed but I haven´t been on for a while because too many weird guys were hassling me. A lot of kids in your school still get temperatures rectally! Really? I only know like 3 kids our age who still get it and I mean no one like really talks about it that much, unless like one of the girls gets it done to her. How did you find out that they get it that way? Where are you from? I´m in NYC.

I'm in California but it's pretty common here my school does it that way too. So does our pediatrician.

Personally, I don´t see what the big deal about this is, no offense. I agree it can be embarrassing for a teen to have it done, but, depending on what kind of thermometer is used it takes on 30 seconds to 4 minutes and I just don´t think it´s worth the fuss. It´s the best way to take a temperature, my parents and my doctor take mine rectally and I don´t mind it.

It's just more embarrassing when your practically an adult and get it taken like a baby

Even worse when they wipe your butt after

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I'm not female but grew up in the same era as your mom. I got it rectally most of my growing up. It was usually just my mom and myself. I enjoyed having it done as long as it was done in private. I enjoyed the feel of the cool bulb of the glass thermometer and the slimy gel at the tip of it as it was inserted in my hole.
As you may guess, I took this practice seriously in my play. I "perfomed" it on many kids I knew that I played doctor with. I can pretty much guarantee your mom did the same when she was younger. I hav posted a few such stories here on EP.
The only time I was embaraced by it was in the hospital when I was in eighth grade. I was in the pediatric ward in a room designed for us "bigger boys." The hospital only took rectal temps and it was done to all of us together. At 14 this was a horrifically embarracing experience for me!

Interesting story, would love to chat sometime

I'm 16 my mom is a pediatrician. Both my parents take mine and my siblings that way too. We gotten suppositories and that water thing done too my pediatrician does it the same way. So you're not alone alit of my friends have it done this way too.

I grew up in the 1960's and had my temperature taken rectally to age 6 or 7,then mom switched me to the oral method.I went to the local hospital for some elective surgery and this was when I was much older.At the hospital the nurses favored the rectal method for safety and accuracy and in those days you cooperated like it or not.In those days privacy was not much of an issue and I saw roommates having their temperatures taken and they saw mine.Suppositories and enemas were also a major part of the daily routine.

That was my era, as well. RTs and bare-bottomed spankngs were all around us. These activities would be immulated by us in our play. Was this true for you? What a wonderful time to be kid. The age of innocence!

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LizLaz, please do not fear... If I may potentially be of any help, perhaps I might share that I, likewise almost certainly would have had the same or perhaps even a more objectionable reaction to such, had I personally experienced this at your age (of 15.) I am however a male, and surely there must be some differences between us.

Let me assure you though LizLaz, that although I most certainly would have objected to a much greater extent than yourself, had I found myself in this position at my (previous) age of 15, please allow me to assure you... That, in many ways, thinking back I almost (now?) wish to fantasize about the potential of my prior experiencing, of such... I do however, feel as though I understand your position and I am furthermore willing to share with you some relevant information, should it hopefully make you feel any more content: At a very young age, my mother took my rectal temperature... Although it had felt somewhat uncomfortable to me at the time, the good news is that later in my life it may subsequently have caused me to take some degree of interest in relation to this particular subject matter, and to such an extent that I furthermore would very likely have little or no objection to undergoing the same procedure today, so long as it were to be conducted within an otherwise private and respectful setting...

LizLaz, I understand you are only 15, and I can definitely empathize with the reluctance and/or minor embarrassment you may presently be feeling, in relation to such matter... However, I wish to assure you that adults in their later years, are generally much less fearful or discontented with the prospect of such (...In other words you, too, upon reaching adulthood likely may very well feel as I do now, at least in the capacity of not feeling too excessively bothered as for the prospect of such an "instrument," happening to enter your "rear-end.")

Another component to consider, in addition to the (otherwise) unfounded, additional apprehension as may possibly be applicable (in your case) simply due to your present age, may happen to relate to the degree of minimal control you may seemingly have, in relation to this (particular?) situation being presented you... I can assure you though, that generally people over the age of eighteen don't generally feel much discontentment in submitting to such a particular situation, perhaps simply because they recognize that the situation may have some degree of legitimacy, but furthermore they do in fact have the absolute right (in most instances?) to refuse undergoing such, should they possibly so wish... However, (especially, in the capacity of doctor visits) most people in this position generally do not choose to decline such a particular activity, as might be recommended upon them.

In adulthood, people may perhaps be better positioned to realize that they in fact, really have nothing to be embarrassed about in relation to their body, and or their particular physical characteristics... The fact of the matter is, that as far as your body is concerned, you really are not all that much different from other females of your age, in terms of your outward physical, bodily characteristics and/or attributes... I can assure you, that in this regard you really have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed and/or ashamed of.

I am willing to acknowledge that I felt much like you do now (in relation to your body,) when I was your age, of 15 (or earlier.) However, a couple or more short years later, I had personally come to the realization that I needn't feel embarrassed in relation to the exposing of my body, regardless of who may potentially have found themselves in a position to see it. (That is of course, so long as I was not to be publicly portrayed in some undesirable capacity, so as to cause my experiencing of any socially-detrimental results: In other words, I finally concluded that any situation where my body were to be observed by anyone, whether male or female, were to most definitely amount to absolutely no cause for any concern or embarrassment whatsoever, so long as I were to be regarded within the context of adequate respect. [Now, for a little private sharing, here: This condition furthermore existed to such an extent that I actually experienced some degree of interest in finding myself in the position of being naked in front of a female doctor, as in the instance of my visit to a female dermatologist who had specifically requested such of me.])

Again however (LizLaz,) I do recognize that your particular age (of fifteen) does no doubt, definitely place you in the category of feeling some additional (and also, needless) concern, in relation to the prospect of anyone other than yourself (whether male or female,) potentially being in a position to observe any particular areas of your body... This is no doubt in addition to the other, potentially disconcerting position which you may potentially find yourself to be in, consisting of your current, presently-realized position of being a minor, and thereby potentially being subjected to such particular circumstances, whereby you seemingly may not have much say... I can definitely understand your position, and how you feel.

Although it may seemingly feel a little odd and perhaps somewhat objectionable, I can assure you that as a reality of the matter, you actually have absolutely nothing to fear in terms of any real matters of consideration... Considering, that you (yourself) may (possibly?) even later feel differently at least in relation to the extent to which you may now find such a particular situation to be, objectionable... And furthermore, after just a few short years, upon your reaching a later age.

Again (LizLaz) I understand how you feel, and the best advice I think I can offer you is the suggestion that you might (just as well) try to make a conscious effort to orient your perspective in relation to such matters toward that of "consenting adulthood," where you may recognize that such (matter of concern) needn't actually be, any actual "matter of concern" but rather, simply another "ordinary" event in the course of your life.

Again (LizLaz,) part of the nature of my recommendation to you, consists of your (presently) striving toward your (future) relevant, characteristics of adulthood... For full disclosure I personally, am a Libertarian... As such I believe fully in the concepts of freedom and liberty, for all... Not just, for those for whom our government may thus far have deemed suitable, as deserving of such. If you don't mind me sharing, I personally recall when I first tried alcohol... It was in fact, actually quite enjoyable (I personally am in favor, of eliminating the "21 years of age, drinking age." I personally believe, that others outside this category deserve to experience alcohol as well... (just don't make it an excessive habit, that's all; this, seemingly, is a pretty easy pitfall to avoid. I would however encourage you, to make a fuller degree of applicable utilization, in relation to your available resources... :)) Again, it is my personal recommendation that you make a conscious effort to set any unnecessary, needless aspects of embarrassment aside, and simply face the seemingly-imposed necessities of (your) life head on in a fearless and transparent manner;
-Best of wishes, I most definitely hope all shall be most entirely well for you, and please take my advice, my dearest fellow citizen-in-Christ.

id love to take your temperature x

When I was very young about 5 year old. I was sick and had high fever. Deaf school in small infirmary. Awakened for me to take rectal had been stopped to use rectal temperature due to professional at deaf school
I thought nasty when I was high school until during college I heard story about any age for rectal temperature for some of heatstroke or other reason. I have not use it for years and years...
I think, Not matter if you want to use it or never again. your body is your.

don't worry LizLaz. This does happen more than we think. When I was young, I once happened to see my aunty taking rectal temperature of her thirty year old housemaid. You are just a kid.

Wow! That must have been a little shocking! Do you get it like this too? How old are you? If you wanna chat and help me through this, we can meet on Yahoo messenger sometime. My nick there is lizlaz24 and my email is


i know how you feel

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Sure, Why not? I[m on Yahoo Messenger now. lizlaz24 is my nick there.

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