Like A Baby!

I just turned 16 and my parents still treat me like I'm a baby. I'm a good girl for the most part but this happened a few weeks a go I was feeling a little sick so my mom told me to go back to bed I was feeling a little warm so I did as I was told my mom comes up and says let me see if you have a fever so I saw her with the thermometer and vasaline and knew what she was thinking so I said no mommy I'm not a baby I'm in high school now she pulled me over her knees and smack my butt and said I better behave myself otherwise I'll get a spanking too so she wipes my butt with a tissue and dips the thermometer in vaseline right before she put it in my dad comes to check how I was and sees my mom put the thermometer in my butt. I was so embarrassed my parents just talked while I laid there with my butt in the air with a thermometer sticking out of it. Finally I ended having a temperature so she took me to the Dr and when he asked her if she had taken my temperature she said yes, her rectal temperature was 101.9 I ended up getting some medicine and subject to rectal temperatures for the next 4 days in between those days one time my aunt and grandma saw her take my temperature and give me my suppository. I've complained but my parents don't see anything wrong.
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When I was in grade 8 about 13 years old i went on a camping trip with my friends family there was a cook out and I ate far too many hot dogs ending up with a upset stomach I was horrified when my friends Mom decided my temperature had to be taken.right in the open, Mrs Jardon order me to bend across the picnic table then came up with a rectal thermometer and vaseline I was slow complying which earned me a spanking from her leather sandal on my bare bottom. It was a horrible experience!

Glad you're staying healthy. Hope you're doing well

I'm okay how are you

Not too bad. Still making the most of the site. Behaving for the most part?


An RT should be a private Affair w/ only you and the one taking it. Modesty is important to kids of all ages and family members need to respect that.

I always had mine taken rectally. The worst part was that my mom liked to take mine in her bedroom with the door open. She would make me get in all fours, put vaseline on my bottom, and then slide it in very far. She would then close my cheeks and hold them as she timed on her watch. If my sister came in to talk to her, she would see me there with my butt in the air and mom holding the thermometer in my behind. My mom also felt she needed to take it three times to make sure it was accurate, so she slid it out, wrote down the temp, and slide it right back in again. My dad only took my temperature three times. He made me lie across his lap as he slid it in and held my cheeks as well. I had my temperature taken this way until I left their home at the age of 21. I learned early nit to resist cause I tried this with my dad when I was young, and he promptly spanked my butt bright red and then took my temperature anyway. Mom said she would do the same, so I just took it up my behind all those years. Got it the same way at the dr' s office. It totally sucked and was embarrassing as I got older.

It's the most accurate way to measure your body temperature . Do you think your parents were deliberately trying to embarrass you ?

I know how you feel dad is a nurse so he likes to check mine when I don't feel so good. And yes it does feel like he's babying me

Yeah it Sucks both my parents do it this way

Incredible story

Do your parents still take your temp like that?

Every time I get a fever. It a rectal temperature. It sure gets a very warm reception!!

Who checks it?

Depends whom we are with mostly our mom but our dad has too

Is it embarrassing to get it checked by dad?

Must be strange for dad to check your temperature Jessica.

Mom checks it. She the person who takes care of the sick members of the family.

Oh ok

I bet

Yup they do

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Yeah they do

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Whatever gets you healthy little one

Yes, I do still get my temperature taken this way my mom is a pediatrician and I get real queezy so my medicine is usually via shots or suppositories then put to bed

You get spanked. Decribe your worst spanking?

I think one of my worst spankings happened at my dads office I was misbehaving with my little sister and dad warned us to behave but we kept on fooling around and broke a lamp he came in and swatted my sister and I twice on our butts hard and told us it was our last warning clean up the mess we made and sit down. He left the side office and went back to work. We cleaned up what we broke and started playing around again while playing my sister fell and started crying our dad came in and asked what happend he checked up on her to make sure she wasn't hurt she stopped crying by this time although not for long his secretary had came in to see if we're ok my dad said yes and scolded us told us what did I say he grabbed my little sister put her over his knee and spanked her she started crying again he finally let's her up and calls me over I said no daddy I'm sorry he calls me again I tried to run but he grabbed my arm and quickly put me over his lap I felt him pull up my school skirt and start pulling down my panties I cried no daddy not on the bare bottom I tried covering my butt he grabbed my hand pulls down my panties and tells me maybe next you'll both listen and spanked me hard all while his secretary watched when he was done he pulled up my panties and hugged us and told us to behave he was almost done.

How old were you at that time

I had just turned 16 3 days before

Lucky secretary

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Yes it is a little weid.but you can see how much your mother care by doing it this way. Hope your cold was short,and felling better now.

yes it was short my mom gave me some medicine and watched movies with me I know my parents love us and just want the best for us but its so embarrassing to be taking your temperature like a baby

Thats a little extreme I can appreciate your parents care about you ..but wow ..boundaries!

our parents love us very much they would never do anything to hurt us, we can tell them anything some of our friends parents still take their temperature like this too.

I'm sorry it is embarrassing for you to have your temperature taken rectally but is is more accurate. I had pneumonia when I was 22 and while I was in the hospital this is how they took my temp every four hrs. When my teen boys are sick with a fever I will take rectal temps. to check for accuracy they don't like it but know it is necessary and don't complain.

We get really high fevers when we get sick so our parents tell us this is why we have to take out temperature this way for accuracy so incase we have to go to the doctor, but our doctor also takes mine and my little sisters this way too.

would like to be you're friend on here ty

hope you are feeling better ! yes it is most accurate way.