Forest Nymph

I love to be among the trees, the moss, the Mother Pacific. Check out the hot springs in olympic national park (most people hang out there in the nude). I might advise you to drop some LSD and have a magical day on Shi Shi beach, but that may not bode as well for others as it did for me :-)
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I lived in Sequim several years ago and loved to go to Olympic Hot Springs on warm days. The 3 mile walk from the end of the road was so beautiful and the spring way up the hill was the best. Not many people new about it and the families stayed away because of the steep climb.

Being nude in the forest is so wonderful and I found it difficult to keep my clothes on walking the 3 miles to the springs. Once there it was even harder to get dressed for the trip back to the car. I was always afraid to walk naked for fear that I might offend someone but had the fantasy that down deep many people felt the same way. I would walk naked on the trail when I could see a long way so that I had time to put on my shorts if I saw someone coming. It was always stressful to be on guard not to let someone see me naked.

One day I felt so good and so natural nude at the springs that I mad my way down the hill and passed the other springs and just kept on going, I decided that I just had to take the chance and see what happens when I met others on the trail. I was thrilling to just not care and I realized that a lot of people wished they had the courage to be nude like me! I guess there is a little adrenalin rush associated with just going for it also.

What was really interesting was the reactions of the people that I met on the trail. I would have guessed that a bunch of macho 30 to 40s biker types would have been a problem but not so. The comments were positive and they expressed that they wished they were able to do the same. One 30ish young man averted his eyes and obviously was not comfortable with my nudity but his girlfriend who was following behind him was all smiles and gave me the thumbs up as we passed.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and after that, I felt pretty comfortable slipping out of my clothes as soon as I passed the barricade and going both ways wearing only my shoes and a backpack. I just wish more people felt the same way and would join in the absolute pleasure of just getting naked without all the guilt that our western culture has heaped on us for so long.

Thank you for sharing and helping me to start to come out of my cocoon just a little bit more!