Went to two Seattle city parks yesterday, was able to go nude at both. Skinnydipped in Lk Washington at the first. One other guy was nude, lots of women topless at the first; lots of men and women nude at the second one, some swimming.
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I visited the same two parks yesterday - it was close to 90 F. Lots of people were nude or topless - many of the latter were women. Everyone was very laid back & casual - no one was gawking. I glanced around but didn't stare. Very relaxing. I didn't swim because I was concerned that someone might rifle my shorts pockets and take my iPhone and car keys whilst I was away from them. Just one more reason I wish I could do it with a friend whom I know and could trust.

I've heard a lot about H beach. Wish I still lived in the city! One of these days I'll make the trip down there and do some nude sunbathing there.

What parks?

want to go so bad!

Want to meet me there sometime?


Is that a yes?

Probably 100 people at H beach today, nude. Fewer at DB beach.