I have gotten naked once In the middle of the woods while hiking. I loved the thrill.
Rayven1997 Rayven1997
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As I have stated elsewhere on EP, it's a return to our evolutionary "roots"! It is deep in the race memory of humans that we walk through the world naked, every little hair on our almost hairless bodies attuned to the slightest breeze. We were BUILT to be naked! And we suppress so many of our senses / sensations when we smother ourselves with rags and skins of other animals ...

I, too, delight in walking naked through the woods, a gentle breeze wafting across my bare nipples ....
A gentle rain now; I think I'll wander out into it, and let it glisten on my naked body for a while .... see ya!

Bless your heart ... a fellow traveler! It is an incredibly "freeing" feeling is it not? At once naughty and primal-y satisfying.
The more in touch you are with our naked origins, the more exciting and satisfying that experience will be. I hope you get to enjoy it again. I know a lot of us here would like to be right there with you, freely naked as well :-)

Please write more of the feelings you experienced!