Naughty But True

I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me.  I will have a erotic dirty nasty thought in the middle of a crisis...  as the person is looking at me my urges will start growing.   I only act them out with my lover(Or possible a new lover).  I am not your typical girl.  I behave but my thoughts are another question.  Like for instance the other day I was in the middle of a meeting and all I can think of is the man who was sitting across from me.  I wondered if he knew how to please a woman and how he would start.  I kept wondering if he would have like for us to both start kissing passionately and I slowly start stroking him would he also stroke back.  I kept thinking if there was a way to say to him mentally come and follow me.  I know that i would have enjoy many nasty little details with him..  My sex drive is high and though I been denied for many years it seems to want to exploded... and each day that my lover is gone and I have not seen him...My mind will just be in the gutter....

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Wow... i get almost the same kind of thoughts and usually a the wrong times...lols...

The answer is, Yes. I would have started stroking you before you could even get me unzipped, at which point you would find me already too hard, long, and swollen to pull me out for a much anticipated strokin without totally undoing my pants. And, it would soon know that it is your desire that turns me on and constantly makes me want to please you. I've been wondering the same about you, looking across the table, once in a while bumping against you and suspecting I saw a slight pause, but not quite sure enough. Next time I'll not cover up my bulge a time or two see what you think, and if you will continue to do the modest thing. You have to know by now that it is not because of anyone else around that I am fighting with a nearly constant erection to keep down to below half-staffed. Thank you for this. I can't wait.

I learned that this behavior is so normal that it amazes me why not many people talk about it.... I used to think i was wierd now that I am older I realize that I just have a high sex drive and with the right person... I could show them what I am capable of... especially since now a days women can say what they want and not look back...

I thought I was the only one who had this happen to them. It bothered me for years, but now I accept it and all my other fetishes as part of who I am. Self hatred and self loathing are toxic and can ruin your life.

I hope there is nothing wrong with you, because if there is, then there is something wrong with me also...and I'm pretty sure there isn' least I hope there isn't, that would be a shame to think that all my wonderfully wicked ever present thoughts are wrong.

enjoy them :-)

If you're aroused and he's aroused I'm sure that the energy can arc across a boardroom table.

I'll be asking a lady at work for a cup of coffee in the morning. My legs turn to jelly when I see her sexy body. I want to lick it all over. I wonder what goes through her mind?

Agree on all of this. men have just as many or possibly even more dirty thoughts than can be shown on our faces. That is why I'm glad I found EP because I can exploded my pent up thoughts somewhere where people will enjoy and comment back!

That is why boys you must ask for a cup of coffee.. or just look around to see what is available and I bet they will follow and there is where you will find out if she wants more than just a cup... I know...Once I found a lover like that and he was there for a few months and all we did was enjoy each others desires and we even talked about it... if he wouldnt have asked for that cup of coffee.. We wouldnt have found out how much fun we were in bed... So next time just ask the worse that can happen is a No.. but you never know

I wonder if men also think of us... and know that we are dying to know what is underneath and what kind of undies,,,LOL... I will keep on my dirty thoughts and enjoy then as they come...

It's perfectly normal to have these thoughts,it is the sign of a strong healthy sex-drive. think how boring life would be if we didn't "weigh people up" sexually. brings excitement to a boring day,even in the supermarket it's good to look at people & think hmm,wonder if she rides on top etc. keep up the good work & enjoy... we are only on this earth once so fill your boots!

I can assure you ladies it happens. I have a special connection with a beautiful lady.<br />
It's so strong she can wake me from my sleep even 4000 miles and 5 time zones away.<br />
And she can make me horny. I know when she is thinking about me.<br />
It's totally uncanny. I love her.

It would be heavenly.. I will be running around with soaking wet panties..

I know I wish they would... and if we both **** each other mentally imagine how life would be... YUMMY!!!

It would be interesting if the man we think gets the vib from us and he starts the same naughty thoughts and mentally connect with me.

You sound very healthy to me AM. Don't change.