That Steamin' Hot Red Dress..

the office where i work had a party last everybody dressed up as elegant and attractive as they possibly can..i wore a button up lavender shirt with faded black phone rang and saw that Ann, a best friend and colleague was the one who called..she asked me to meet her outside the building cause she cant walk by herself towards our I gladly went outside, I got bored waiting anyway…I told her that I would be at the parking lot waiting for her by my jeep…

then a car pulled out by the parking lot and knew right away that Ann arrived..she stepped out of her bf’s car (yes, she has a bf and is so effin’ hot and yummy lol) in this oh-my-effin’-panties red dress that almost got me droolin a lot..i wanted to stare so much but I didn’t want her to notice so I decided to talk to another colleague who was there with me while waiting for her..she is so beautiful and steamin’ hot..she then bid bye and ‘love you’ to her bf which of course i pretend I don’t effin’care..she came to me with luscious smile saying ‘hi’..still i wanted to stare but looked the other way..

we went back inside the office waiting for dinner..she stood so close to me that I could smell her perfume and feel her breasts touching my elbows..i love the feeling but masked it anyway..she was actin childish last night..making baby talks at me like when she wants to borrow my phone or wanted to use my camera..also she was sitting right next to me and kept whispering about stuff that really turns me on..i dont know if shes really doing this on purpose to turn me on or just naï in a closet by the way if you got confused..she pulling out her baby faces like she was trying to make me notice her and of course i always will..she kept hanging her arms on me or touching me in places that I really don’t want her to touch right now..dont be naughty I meant my arms, shoulders, face..the ticklish part was her whispering on my ear..oh my effin’ panties..

we ate dinner took some pics with other work mates then watched a choir competition..then time came that we had to leave cause will be hanging out at a pool 45 mins away from here..we drank a vodka cocktail which sucks cause it wasn’t enough to make me wasted and Ann with other friends got busy chatting about work rather than getting was morning when we went in the pool..i wore a satin shirt and some short shorts..and Ann again got me droolin like crazy..she wore and red and white floral bikini covering them with a peach see-through robe..i even told her to take the robe off so that she can show off those curves but she insisted on keeping it..

anyway, to sum it all up Ann got me wet last night and this morning..just by staring at her but I kept it low of good at that pretending not to stare when in fact I really am..i wanted to be wasted last night so I could kiss those luscious lips and caress those soft cheeks and stare in those hypnotizing brown eyes..i wanted to feel her beautiful curves..honestly, I want to **** her I even had a dream or imagination touching her p*ssy while kissing, sucking, and licking her from im so naughty..she is just so effin hot..damn I really really really need to get laid or maybe just a gf will do..just someone to cuddle with until morning came..
redchic4 redchic4
22-25, F
Dec 15, 2012