This Is A Problem For Me!!!

i cant understand why im like this!!

e.g: one of my friends has satelite tv, and he invited me over to his place, to watch the superbowl yesterday with his girlfriend and the kids and his girlfriend's brother, and they live over the other side of glasgow (scotland) from me, so i stayed over, and while i was there, i was very talkative (well not very) but i could talk to them no problem, and i get on well with their kids, and they call me their uncle lol, and like to cuddle up to me and all, and i play with them and their toys and all lol (im a big baby)!! but then once i got home, my mom was asking me all sorts of questions about how my night was and so on, and how did i get on with the kids!! and i find it really difficult to make conversation with her, and its the same with my brother as well, and in all honesty, i have always been like this!!! when im around family, im soo quiet, but yet when i get among my friends im ok, and if they ask me questions and stuff, i have no problem opening up to them, but i do have a problem opening up to my mom, and my brother as well, and eved my father, before he passed away nearly 4 years ago!!! i dont understand  why im like this, cos i mean, my brother has no problem talking to my mom, and he tells her everything!!! my mom is great too, and i dont have any problems with her apart from this one where i just cant seem to open up to her, and im at my most shy when she is around!! but i often wonder if she thinks there is something wrong, and i dont like her or something, but that couldnt be further from the truth!!! im a loner too which doesnt help, cos my mom ends up thinking that not only do i not say much, but i dont do much either, and she worries about me soo much!!! but if i could just learn to open up to her a bit more, then she would maybe realise that my life isnt that bad, and i actually enjoy it, she might not worry so much (and i know all mothers worry) it hurts me a bit too, knowing that i can open up to others, and have proper conversations with others, but yet i become really really shy around my own mother, i dont get it!!!

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I am the same with my sister and brother... i think its because they have shon me down allot in the past with all the things i do when it comes to work n business. i have a entrepreneurial mind set and like to think positive thoughts and take responsibility for my health. and they don't!... when i do have deep meaningful intellect conversations with them we always end up arguing... they are just so close minded n negative. me and my little sister in the family get along the best we can talk allot n not have problems. and she thinks the same as me. i actually notice this now and i feel quit sad. its why im looking on the internet for answers. i can open up my friends and even strangers but when it comes to family... very difficult

I understand, it happens to me but with my extended family but I think one possible reasons for not wanting to open up is that you already know how they are gonna react to your stories and sometimes they react badly so you just get tired of trying, but it's ok, don't worry, just check out what happens in every case and tell them what are your interests and projects and how they ended or something, I love talking to my mom because she really pays attention to my stories.

its always been the same *shine*!!! i just dont get it!!! i wish it could be different, but it helps if i know why i get like this, but i do know that part of the reason is that she worries too much sometimes, and it gets to me, but its not the whole reason why im like this with her!!! i dont understand it!!!