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Obsess - To dominate or preoccupy the thoughts, feelings or desires of a person; beset trouble or haunt persistantly or abnormally

I have an addictive personality (unfortunately) and whether it is eating a certain food everyday, or smoking cigarettes, even spending time with a person or on the computer: I tend to get obsessed with behaviors especially if they are enjoyable. I won't make a list of the things I have been overly attached to over the years. Looks like I am the first person to write a story here.

Look forward to reading what other people have to say about their obsessions.
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Well I get obsessed with entertainment things. Like TV Shows, movies, books, and video games. I get obsessed with them for a while, learn a lot of useless information that will probably never be of use to me, and annoy all of my friends with this information. Than I'll fade away from it and find something else, than like a few months later or even a year, I'll get back into it. Sometimes they are huge obsessions where I watch a whole TV show season in two days, or it might be small where I listen to one song over and over on my iPod. I sometimes even get obsessed with planning something, like I have to know if your coming or not, and I can't sop talking about it to people. So they aren't really harmful at all, except maybe one day I'll annoy my friends so much they run away, but I manage to reign myself in. I usually just let it ride out until its done, and store the info away in the back of my brain for if I ever need it.

Well I have never stalked anyone. And I agree liking things is not the same as obsessing. I dont think buying season tickets is obsessing but for instance my stepfather spent all weekend watching sports It was before split screen technology and he would have three tvs on and listening to the radio. Now that is a bit obsessed I think.<br />
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You have made me rethink it all. Maybe I am not obsessed with my passions maybee I am just having fun as much as possible. Hmmmm..... thinking I do get obsessed with some things though.

I'm not sure I know the difference between being obsessed and really liking something. I'm getting too old for self-denial maybe. It's hard enough to find things I really enjoy without worrying whether or not I'm obsessed with it or not. I'm probably addictive too. I really really like ba<x>seball for instance. I always have. I must be an addict? If I buy season tickets I'm obsessed I suppose.<br />
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It's different when it's a person no doubt. When you're showing up where you're not wanted and keep dong it, you're probably obsessed. When you keep thinking about somebody you genuinely love while they don't love you back you're not obsessed... you're just screwed. :)